March 19, 2012

Back To Normal

Ah, Monday. How I enjoy your domestic normal-ness.

Last week was our first week of being back to our normal schedule and it was very nice. After a week of Ben working nights, we were all very happy to have the house back to the regular way of doing things (and eating).

Our babies turned 5 on Tuesday. I can't believe it's already been 5 years since our world was turned upside down and backwards. 5 years since the most terrifying event of our life pulled Ben and I closer together and gave us two precious little guys. Now they are running around destroying and shooting things and we have added two more little guys since then. Goodness, could someone slow down the clock please? I'll be a grandmama before I know it.

We had a massive storm over the weekend and it was wonderful. It poured off and on, complete with slanty rain, a bit of hail and - you won't believe it - a minute of SNOW. We walked outside to move some stuff and it was snowing! It was slushy and melted as soon as it hit the ground, but it was honest to goodness snow. The boys were so excited and kept talking about how they were going to build snowmen. Sadly, we had to tell them there wasn't going to be enough for that.

We also got our new couches on Saturday. Now we are grown ups! This is our first set of furniture that isn't handed down or borrowed. It only took us 6 years, hehe. We have an end table and a coffee table coming too, but they are back-ordered until the end of the month. They are so squishy and nice and (Ben's favorite part) each end is a recliner. I also like that they are a nice dirt-hiding, boy-friendly chocolate color. ;)

The little man is getting chubby and it makes me giggle. Ben is on a mission for the baby to look like a sumo wrestler, and almost encourages me to eat sweets and goodies, just so the baby will get it. It's hilarious. After having too-skinny babies, we very much like fat babies.

I forget how many check ups we have to do in the first few weeks. I will be glad when I don't have to be in a doctor's office every week anymore.

He is still eating well (thus the chubby) and sleeps... fairly well. Not as much as mama would like, being up about every two hours, but we make it work. It's funny how little sleep you can function on. He has come down with whatever cold we've all had, so we had a few nights of super grumpy, but he is better now.

My "Eat from the Freezer March" plan is going well! I have kept a list of freezer inventory on the fridge and cross off things every time we use them. There are quite a few items crossed off now. I have been planning meals from what we have and our last grocery trip had us buying just the few fresh staples. I think I will try to stretch the next grocery trip an extra week to use up even more. Unless we have an emergency trip, the total grocery spending for the month is around $330, which was mostly for a few (non-meat) stock ups that were on sale.

I am so happy to have my energy back. I feel wonderful being able to take care of my house again. It still takes a bit longer, since we break for eating every few hours (the baby, not me haha), but it is getting done and I feel like I have returned from a long trip. Last Monday I was able to clean and vacuum the whole house, which it needed badly. I have even had a chance to do some crafty things that I will show you some time in the future.

How have y'all been?


MarmePurl said...

I love reading your blog. I get to see my life of 25 years ago all over!
Enjoy the normalcy.

Jennifer said...

So happy to hear you are adjusting well and your little guy is doing great. Babies make me so happy :) looking forward to seeing your handmades.

Lynn said...

Love the new furniture! And how wonderful that it's dirt/boy/chocolate friendly :) Smart choice. Now just make sure any pets you get are that exact color and you'll never have to worry about dog or cat hair ;)

Farm Girl said...

Lovely photos of all of the boys. Very nice furniture. It does look wonderful and I am glad that you got to have a weekend that was cold and you got to try them out. It looks so nice.
I am so glad you are getting your strength back. That has to be nice. I love your Monday posts.:)

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

Your boys are so handsome. You can see the gleam in their beautiful eyes. What a lot of wonderful noise you must have in your house. So glad all is well with the new baby. I remember nursing my kids every two hour. I could get up all night long no problem but it was usually that last 4:30 am feeding that killed me. Once my kids reached 11 lbs. they usually slept 5 hours straight.

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

The boys are handsome!! Love the photos. :) Your couches look cozy. Funny, that's what my husband was happiest with on ours too is the recliner feature. Happy to hear you are all doing well. Shocked to hear you've even had time to craft. Wow!! And you're grocery budget.....outstanding! Have a great week!

myletterstoemily said...

what precious, precious boy!

you made me laugh so hard at your comment
at my place. good question, "why?"

no spring chicken said...

Happy birthday to those handsome young men of yours! Don't you go crazy there. I get to be called grandma first.

I love the new comfies in the living room. Great color choice. I was never that smart.

Corbin DOES look fat and happy. Hope mama just looks happy... I love praying for your family and continue to do so. Can't wait to see your craftiness!

Things have been crazy busy here and today promises to be the most insane. It all starts in just a couple of hours so I'm heading to the shower... :)

Blessings, Debbie

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