March 8, 2012

Life With Baby

Good Sleeps
I have spent all week thinking I would take pictures and post them... But I've been too busy snuggling the baby. He's such a sweet little snuggler, he just burrows right into your arm or your shoulder.

He also eats a lot, so that helps with the snuggling.

I snapped a few shots with my iPod though, just so I had something to share. 

We've pretty much adjusted to Life With New Baby. I bounced back a heck of a lot faster than I thought I would. By Tuesday I was pretty much back to doing things, albeit slowly still (it took me two days to wash laundry and it's still not folded). A bit sore still and I'm not exactly running, but I have been making meals and slowly doing chores. I am glad I got some ready to cook/eat things frozen - it helped a lot the first few days.

Ben went back to work Friday and changed his schedule a bit for this week to facilitate being home more during the day, which has been a tremendous help and relief. He takes such good care of us. We are both ready for the normal schedule again though, which we'll go back to on Monday.

Yar, I'm a pirate
The boys have pretty much adjusted to the little guy too. After a few days of "Is this the new baby?!?", "I have a new brother??" and "Is your tummy small now?" (yes, and hopefully it gets smaller) they have realized that the baby is staying with us, and no he doesn't have to go back to the doctor.

Duder is adjusting better than I thought he would. While he's been a bit more snuggly and slightly crankier than usual, he isn't as upset as I was expecting him to be which I am thankful for. He likes to tell me "That's the baby" and that "those wipies/diapers/clothes/etc. are for the baby". They all like to tell me that the baby is "so cute" and they want to pet him and give him kisses. It's very sweet and I'm so glad it's not "Kill the intruder!".

I feel like I have so much energy and there are so many things I want to do, but I am telling myself to take it slow and let myself return to completely normal and recovered before I try to go crazy. I tried doing too much too fast with Duder and I think it took longer to recover than it should have. So I will just enjoy the time to sit and "relax" with this little guy. I really want to exercise though, but it's only been a week.

I have been reading a lot (not much else to do while nursing :) ), and knitting a bit. I am working on a shawl design that I started before Corbin came, and I am so very excited about it. I am hoping to find a tech editor for this pattern though, so it will probably be awhile before I release it. Especially since it's slow going. I also put a few rows on the blue blanket when I get a chance. It's just funny how knitting is so not a huge desire right now when I have a baby to sniff (gosh, he smells so good). I have a ton of ideas for new designs though, so hopefully you'll be seeing some new stuff over the next few months.

Is anyone else excited for Easter? I have been waiting for Easter since January. I don't know why I'm looking forward to it so much this year, but I am. Also, I want to plant seeds something awful, but something tells me I should hold off just a bit longer. Maybe I'll start some seedlings on the windowsill though...

Happy Friday!


Kessie said...

Oh good, I'm glad you're bouncing back fast! Best thing is just to sleep a lot and let the healing progress. And eat a LOT. Did you milk come in all right? He sure looks like a happy little shaver. I'm glad the boys are adjusting to him, too. They needed a baby of their own.

no spring chicken said...

You're something else! You've got your priorities straight and still you are looking forward to all of the upcoming business. I never had quite that much energy. When I had new babies... things got done a bit slower... I even THOUGHT of them more slowly. Kind of like how a quiet tide slowly creeps in and then recedes. Everything would get done but it all had a rhythmic quiet pace. I never really planned and dreamed the way I usually do, somehow the day just worked itself out.

Corbin is the sweetest little thing. I don't want you talking about how wonderful he smells anymore because it makes me crazy! Never mind... make me crazy. I love it!!

Blessings, Debbie

MarmePurl said...

Such a sweet little one. ajust enjoy those snuggly moments. Everything else can wait.

Kim said...

He looks so sweet. Don't rush things, enjoy every minute of that snuggly time. I'm so glad the boys aren't trying to "kill the intruder" Lol
So rest - but keep the photos coming.

Farm Girl said...

I was always the one that went like a house a fire too soon. I had to get back in my jeans by my six weeks. Then I would end up about 3 months down the road being a wreck. He will grow up way to fast anyway. He will want to catch his brothers.
He is so sweet, and it makes me happy that he is always smiling and you are right, he smells divine.

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

So sweet - that second photo is so adorable!! You crack me up. I'm glad you're thinking about trying to do things slow, but I'm not sure you're wired to go slow. :-) Happy to hear all is going well with you, baby, Ben and the boys.

Allison said...

I'm glad you're posting pics! But you just snuggle that little treasure as much as you can. We'll wait... xoxoxo

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

Well what a gorgeous baby. No wonder you are taking it slow. Who would want to put that little miracle down? I could be a professional baby holder. Nothing ever gave me more contentment or happiness than holding my new babies. Enjoy every minute.

Lynn said...

Aaaah, sniffing your new baby -- nothing better :) Big congratulations on your sweet little bundle. It sounds like you and your family are enjoying the moment. Lovely.

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