March 1, 2012


Corbin Matthew

February 28th, 2012 at 5:27 am

6 lbs, 6 oz

19.5 inches long

First few hours
 Whew! Our newest little guy has blessed us with his presence a week early. Boy did it go fast this time! I am so glad to have him home and we are all settled and happy to have our newest member with us. I know most of you have heard of his arrival from Gama Kim, so here are some pictures, and the story for those who want to hear it.

The Details
Over the past week I had been nesting really bad. I kept cooking things and baking bread and cleaning and organizing parts of the house I've barely even looked at since we moved in 3 years ago. When we went grocery shopping on Sunday I had grabbed extra diapers for Duder even though he still had plenty. On Monday morning I started laundry earlier than I normally do. I figured the little guy would be coming soon, but I thought it would be closer to his actual due date. Through Sunday night I was woken up by contractions a few times, but didn't think much of it as they weren't terrible.

By noon on Monday I was starting to have some pretty noticeable contractions. They were a little sporadic though, so I thought maybe it was another false alarm like we had with Duder. By 1, they were 3-5 minutes and pretty strong. Still not believing, I put the kids down for their nap and went to lay down myself thinking I was just doing too much and they would stop.

By 2 o'clock they were still 3-5 minutes and getting more painful so I called Ben and gave him the heads up, saying I don't know if it's real but I'll call him again if it gets worse and/or my water breaks. I said I would try a hot shower, because I was still in denial. I called Gama to let her know what was going on and we agreed a shower was a good idea. She did say I needed to tell Ben to come home though.

By the time I got out of the shower I was 1-2 minutes and starting to hurt pretty bad. I couldn't believe how fast it was coming. I called Ben at 3 and told him he needed to come home right then. I got the kids up and told them to put on their shoes and when Ben got home we decided to wait a bit and see if my water would break. Well, 30 minutes later still no water but I was starting to feel pressure every time a contraction came. I told him I wanted to go right then.

We took the kids to Gamas, and got to the hospital a bit later. After we got checked in a settled in a room I was already at 5 centimeters so I am glad we decided to go and not wait to see if it was a false alarm.

Over the next 9 hours I slowly progressed from 5 to 8 centimeters but my water still had not broken. I opted for an epidural somewhere in the middle after I started throwing up after each contraction. I did the same thing with Duder, so apparently that is just how my body reacts to labor. Once the epidural kicked in I was able to settle down a bit and let my body work without stressing the little guy out too much. Each time they flipped me to my right side his heart rate dropped and it took him awhile to recover. They would flip me to the left and while he did better, it still wasn't great. My contractions were still about a minute apart, so they had to give me drugs to actually slow down the contractions because the little guy didn't have any time in between to really "breathe" and relax. Once they gave me the drugs and I got about 2 minutes in between, he did a lot better.

Around 2ish the doctor came in to finally break my water, even though baby was up pretty high still. But once he did that, the contractions came stronger and more painfully again and I started feeling pressure around 5 am. Once that happened it pretty much went from there with a bit of pushing, Jerk Doctor barking orders for forceps (supposedly to relieve the pressure on my previous scar) which made Ben and I pretty antsy, and baby coming out with the cord wrapped around his neck twice.

Our kids like to scare the crap out of us. But once he got untangled he started breathing and fussing and then crying a bit so I knew he would be OK. They got him all cleaned up, took all his vitals, and kept him under the warmer to pink him up.

They kept us another 24 hours, which I hated. Sometime during the night I started having a bit of a melt down because I had only slept 2 hours since I got up Monday morning and every time I started nodding off either someone came in or the little guy wanted to nurse.

But we made it through and came home around 1 yesterday after picking up the boys. I missed them so much and I am so glad to have all our babies in our house again.

I am so sore, but it's so worth it and I love this baby so much it hurts.

And now I must go because the little prince calls. Pray for milk - it hasn't come in yet and he's hungry, so he doesn't sleep very long on an empty tummy. Other than that he is wonderful though.



Molly said...

Congrats! He's just beautiful! Sounds like you rocked that birth (I'm with you on the horrible contractions/being sick, etc. been there done that) I'm sure everything will starting going according to plan in the next couple days!

Congrats again!

(p.s. I was hoping that when you and some other friends had their babies this month I'd stop craving a new one of my own... but nope just want another just as badly!)

Dawn said...

What a glad it went fairly well and you're all healthy and good!
Thinking of you and your sweet family:D
So happy for you!!!!!!!

MarmePurl said...

OH YAY!!! Many lovely thoughts flowing your way. New life brings love to all.
Now go rest. REST!

Kim said...

Congratulations! Corbin is beautiful. I'm so pleased he arrived safe and sound.

Farm Girl said...

Wow, I didn't know about most of this, so glad I didn't, I felt my heart stop for sure just reading about the cord. I am so glad you are all home in your sweet little house. It has been very quiet here today.

Kessie said...

I'm so glad! What an adventure! I'm glad he was okay, even with the cord wrapped around his neck. That is frightening. Just get lots of rest and enjoy all those meals you prepped. Aren't you glad you did it now? :-)

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

He is just beautiful. You guys must be thrilled. I couldn't be happier for you. Enjoy!!!

Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes said...

Congrats on your new bundle of joy! So happy I visited you today!

Marti said...

Congratulations on the birth of your sweet little boy. Rest and give him kisses.

Julia said...

Congratulations Meg, it's so nice reading about how little Corbin made his way into the world. He's just adorable and so cute.

I thought I was the only one who got everything all cleaned up organized before giving birth. I never thought of calling it nesting. I like that. It's funny how we get this burst of energy all of a sudden.

I'll pray that your milk will come in abundance. JB

Mimi said...

Meg you are such a good writer that I was holding my breath as you were telling of Corbin's birth (perfect name for that little guy!) So glad he is here, safe and sound. It has been so much fun praying for him as he developed and grew. Bless your precious family!

no spring chicken said...

He's here!! He really is a handsome one! I'm praying for your sweet little family and I'm so excited to be privileged to do so. Take good care of yourself and don't worry about much besides loving all of those men of yours. It's the sweetest of times! I wish I was there to bring a casserole for the guys and lasagna for you! :)

Blessings, Debbie

Sue said...

Corbin is beautiful, Meg, and he sure looks like he is hungry with that sweet mouth open, I will be praying for your sweet family as they welcome him into their hearts and home.
I pray for strength for you as well!

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! He is beautiful!! So happy to read that you and Corbin are doing well. Can't wait to see photos and stories about the newest family member. :-)

Allison said...

He's HERE! Yay! And so cute! And look at you looking so happy in the background. Congratulations!!!

no spring chicken said...

Just wanted to say hi this morning. I'm smiling thinking about sleepless nights and nursing baby. I pray all is going well.

Blessings, Debbie

Jennifer said...

Oh hurray!! Congratulations and praise the Lord!

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