April 29, 2012

Yay! It's Over!

Last night my baby sister became a wife! I am so happy for them both, but I am also so glad it's over.

We have spent the last few months planning and waiting and stressing and getting ready for this event - and I wasn't even terribly involved! I was actually more stressed about the wedding than I was about having the baby.

It was an absolutely beautiful wedding! I didn't get to visit (or eat) much since I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off. Every time I tried to talk to someone I was being called somewhere else. (Still totally bummed that I didn't get to visit the dessert table, but Dad-in-love saved me a chocolate covered strawberry. :D)

It's so very weird watching her grow up and become a wife. Remembering myself walking down that aisle just six years ago, and now here she is starting the next part of her life. I am so proud of her, who she has become, and the man she chose. He fits in with us so well, and I love all of her new family as well. I think they will be wonderful together.

And now, it's over! Now we can all breathe and resume life ... just a bit differently.

Happy Sunday,


Farm Girl said...

It will be fun. Really it will be, a different phase but a good one.
I know that six years ago when you got married, I didn't expect it to become so awesome but it did.
I wish you could have got more desserts. I didn't know that. So glad you got a strawberry. :)

Kessie said...

Oh, I'm so glad. Now life can get back to normal.

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

What a beautiful bride, what a good looking couple.

Patrice said...

I just read Kim's post. It looks like a beautiful wedding. Your little sister is very pretty. Your pictures show that. In Kim's, she's sticking out her tongue.(lol)You look great and it's hard to believe you just had a baby. I just wanted to say hello.

MarmePurl said...

Seeing a happy bride has to be one of life's most wonderful moments. Best Wishes to all.

dsacjwolf said...

We are equally pleased to have Rachel as part of our family. I think the blending of our 2 families will make life all the better.
P. S. You really missed out on the desserts

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Absolutely beautiful photo - they are glowing. Congratulations to your sister and her husband!!

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