May 7, 2012

Weekend & Stuffs

Y'all remember me talking about our barely-hanging-on fence over the last few years. After every good storm we would have to go out and prop it up with various bits of steal and scrap wood just to keep it up because we didn't have time to fix it.

Well, thankfully, Ben has been on 8s and (almost) free Saturday's for about a month now so it's time to fix the fence!

After a ridiculous ordeal with our insurance in which they gave us terribly slow service and then told us they could write us a check for $80 after our deductible, I told them to cancel the claim and we'll just pay for it ourselves. Which I wanted to do in the first place, but our neighbor suggested using our home insurance. I'm glad it wasn't anything major, and we'll be changing our insurance.

But I digress. Anyhoo! Ben did have to work this Saturday, but after he got off he went to get the lumber and then ripped down half the fence and started digging post holes.

Up at 5:30 on Sunday, he ripped down the rest of it - the part that leaves our yard open to the street - and dug the rest of the post holes with the help of our neighbor.

Then we started putting up the framing and pickets and got the front section closed off to the street. The rest of the pickets will be going up over the week after work. I am so thankful the baby slept most of the day yesterday so I could help get this project done.

I did get one garden bed almost completely weeded while Ben did stuff that only took one person. Stuff is growing nicely, although it's slowed down a bit since it's been cooler. The hot weather that's coming will have everything shooting up.

We had our first boysenberry Saturday afternoon, but it wasn't quite ripe yet. I was desperate to try one. It was good, but still tart. They are starting to turn red though so we will be overrun pretty soon.

We have had 4 artichokes in the past few weeks. They are SO GOOD. We are thinking about getting a few more plants just because we love them so much. It's awesome to be eating them from our own backyard.

Remember these guys? I got an order for 5 of them last week and got one finished and sent off for a rush delivery this weekend. Now I'm working on the other 4 and they STILL make me giggle every time I make one. They're just hilarious.

The black shawl with beads is almost done. I was working on the edging before the Zombie Order came in, so hopefully it will be done soon. Anyone interested in test knitting? Or tech editing?

And now, I really need to start my Monday. It's been a craptastic morning so far. I really hope it gets better. The kids are bouncing off the walls and I have absolutely no motivation to do anything today except knit, but Mondays are for cleaning and laundry. At least I have got two loads washed so far. Would anyone like to come be my maid?

Happy Monday,


Farm Girl said...

Yeah I do know about Monday today. That is why I am on the computer and not behind a vacuum cleaner.
Your fence looks great.
So glad you got to eat a boysenberry. tell Ben about when he told baby Emilie that she could eat lots of boys n berries, but girls n berries were poison. :)

Kessie said...

Mondays are always hard to get going for me, too. I'm glad Ben got that fence torn out. It looked so awful before, all falling down like that. Also, do you think you'll get enough berries for jam or cobbler? :-)

Kim said...

Your new fence is going to be awesome. I love artichokes (from a jar) but we are seeing more and more of them in the stores. Any advice on cooking them?

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