May 29, 2012

The Long Weekend

Johnsondale is beautiful

Oh man, what a weekend! What a wonderful, wonderful weekend!

Ben took Friday off, so we had a very long weekend and it was just excellent.

This is Ben's new toy. He got it Thursday night. It's a lathe (for turning metal and wood). The funny thing is, it kind of fell into his lap.

Tuesday afternoon one of his coworkers called him over as he was on the phone and told him that one of his friends was selling a lathe and does he want it.

Oh yeah. HALF the price of a new one. Ben has been wanting a lathe for a LONG time, and with the amazing opportunity staring us in the face, we snatched it up. And he is a very happy man. He got it all cleaned up and settled on Friday and has been tinkering with it all weekend. It's so fun to watch him too, because now I can see and understand better all the stuff he tries to explain to me about his work (he's a machinist by trade).

The berries are never ending! I am up to 11.5 pounds picked so far. (That's 30 of those little 6 oz packages from the store!) And who knows how many the kids have eaten. I made this batch of jam Thursday, a cobbler last night, and the rest are in the freezer. And there is STILL MORE on the plants. Next year, I'm instating a "come pick your own day" and anyone who wants to can come get as much as they want.

On Sunday we made a day trip up to some camping grounds that Ben has been wanting to show me. We found one that we could do now, with water and hookups and stuff, and then some other sites that we can do when the baby is older that are dry camping. It's is absolutely GORGEOUS up there. We had a nice little picnic lunch and then came the long way home. Aside from being absolutely terrified that we were going to go careening over the side of the road and into the river*, it's a really pretty ride.

I didn't cook a single meal all weekend. Ben made breakfasts and BBQ dinners, and all I did was slap together a few sandwiches for lunch. It was wonderful! Especially since we had to take back the dishwasher.... which is a story for another day.

Wonderfully relaxed,

*Ben is a really good driver, it's just that the side of the cliff is right up against the road and from the passenger side, it looks like we're all gonna die.


Allison said...

I'm SO acquainted with the looks-like-we're-all-gonna-die feeling here in the land of tiny roads and fatal cliffs. ;)

Did you know my husband is also a precision mechanic? What is the brand of that lathe?? It isn't Tornos by any chance, is it? We live in the town where Tornos machines are MADE! :)

Kessie said...

Oh wow, what a nice weekend! And you must have the ideal spot for your berries, because they are totally going to town.

What happened to your dishwasher???

Kessie said...

Also, all I could think of was the line from Galaxy Quest. "Look around! You might be able to construct a rudimentary lathe!"

MarmePurl said...

With views like that, I guess I've lost a live-in!

Kim said...

It does sound like a great weekend. Especially the no cooking part. But I want to hear about the dishwasher soon. Yay for Ben to get that lathe. There will be no stopping his creations now.

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

I can appreciate your concern with the ride. I felt like that when we rode up Mt. Washington in NH. I had been up twice before, but never with my family in one car. I was terrified. Mt. Washington is known for having some of the harshest weather on the planet. Google it sometime.

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