May 30, 2012

The Dishwasher

Bye Bye
Ugh. What a pain in the arse that dishwasher was.

We got the dishwasher and Ben installed in on Mother's Day Sunday.

On Tuesday I noticed it was flashing "PF" (for power failure) and was making a weird noise. So I pushed the start button, which is supposed to reset it. I thought it was a bit weird, but our kitchen lights were a bit flickery a few weeks before that, so I figured maybe it was a power hiccup.

The Wednesday night, after we're in bed and the cycle from dinner dishes is long done, I was laying there and I hear this weird thumping sound.

Creeped. Me. Out. But then it didn't go away and I realized it was not a man made noise, so I went to investigate.

It was the dishwasher. The noise it was making was a gurgly thumping noise. It's hard to explain, but it was annoying. I open the door and it stops. Ok, cool. I close the door, and it starts up again.

Great. A few minutes of Ben and I opening and closing the door and trying to figure out what the heck is going on leave me completely enraged. We go to bed. By morning it's not doing it anymore. All is well?

Thursday, the latch breaks.

Friday I call the company and they give me numbers of repair people.

Saturday someone comes to fix the latch under warranty. FOR SOME STUPID REASON I don't mention the noise, because it hadn't done it anymore so I figured it was fine and please just fix the latch so I can wash my dishes.

Saturday night, after we get back from our anniversary dinner, it is doing the noise again. At this point I call it the "zombie noise" because it sounds like they are trying to get out of our dishwasher.

A few days later, I think Tuesday, I notice that there is water in the bottom of the stupid thing and my dishes are still wet.

For the love of sheep! This is getting ridiculous.

Come Thursday, I am so annoyed, but still so in love with the fact that I can get a machine to wash my dishes rather than by hand, that I keep using it. Well that afternoon I was making that jam, so I had put my jars into the washer on the sani-cycle to get them ready.

I waited an hour and a half, and when I came back into the kitchen the display was black, but it was still running. Having never used the sani-cycle until this point, I thought perhaps that was normal. So I waited another half hour. Still running. Waited awhile after that. Still running. I open the door a bit and it is just spraying water around, and around, and around.

I finally had to unplug the stupid thing to turn it off and leave it unplugged for an hour to reset it.

This is apparently what we get for using a brand we've never had before. And if they ever tell you, when you go to buy a dishwasher, that the model on the floor isn't in stock anymore, but they have the "new and updated" version in the back... RUN AWAY. DO NOT GET THE NEW VERSION. 

I told Ben about all this and he says we are taking it back! So on Friday we took it back to the store, got a refund, and went to a different store that sells the brand to match our other appliances (GE. I've been very happy with our stove and microwave, so hopefully the dishwasher will be wonderful as well).

Unfortunately, they don't carry anything but "the basic white appliances" in stock and it had to be ordered. Fine. So it is supposed to be here Saturday.

I've been washing dishes by hand again.

I am very much looking forward to Saturday, and I desperately hope this new washer works.


Farm Girl said...

Oh no way!!! That is just terrible. I hope this one works really good and you won't have anymore problems.
Bummer on washing dishes again. Oh well at least our hands always work. :)

Kessie said...

Oh my gosh, what'd they sell you, the prototype? At least it broke right away instead of waiting until the warranty was up.

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

What a shame. So glad the new one will be ready for Saturday. They really don't make appliances like they used to.

Kim said...

I hope the new one arrives soon. I did laugh though about the noise. You and your

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said... Gotta love it!! :-)

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