May 24, 2012

Just Some Stuff

I meant to post this on Monday, but just haven't had a chance at the computer long enough.

Ben made these basket hangers last weekend. Hand forged and bent. I know how creative he is and his work still amazes me. I think they are just beautiful. He made them especially for the baskets I got. I wanted some color on the back porch. I have two for flowers, and one filled with herbs and they just look so nice.

Last weekend was our 6 year wedding anniversary! We had a nice little dinner out (with the baby) while my sister baby sat our big boys. It was so nice to get out of the house and have a grown up meal with my husband. I can't believe it's already been 6 years. It's feels like it hasn't been that long, but has been even longer (in a good way) both at the same time. I can say I love him even more now than I did then.

It was really hard to get this picture.

Last weekend was also a solar eclipse! Ben pulled out his welding hoods and we all took turns watching it. I also poked a hole in a manila folder and projected it onto various things (a binder, my hand, the fence). The kids had a fun time "holding the moon in their hands". It was such an eerie feeling, seeing the change in lighting. It wasn't a total eclipse, but we were supposed to get a "ring of fire". We never did see it, since we would stop watching to tend to the BBQ (or "barcabue" as Duder calls it). It was pretty awesome!

The zombies are done and with their new owner. I'll have a finished post soon. I think now that they're done I might try some sewing.

Do you remember these?

I have picked over SIX POUNDS so far. And there are still a bunch on the plants. I'm kind of scared of what we'll get next year with all the new growth we've had. I told Ben we'll probably have to open a fruit stand. I have put most of them in the freezer to deal with in the next few weeks. I have plans for jam, maybe fruit leather, and cobblers. It's kind of funny picking them, because the boys come out with me and eat them as I put them into the basket. They really like them.

We've gotten a few handfuls of blueberries too. I am looking forward to next year, when hopefully I will have enough to put away.

My fatty is 12 pounds now! ;) At the risk of jinxing my good fortune, he has been up only twice the last two nights - at 1 and 5. Maybe I will be lucky and this pattern will continue!

That's all for now. Today is our Friday! We have so many plans for this weekend.

Happy long weekend!


Jennifer said...

Meg, your pictures are always so great! I love your blog :)

Farm Girl said...

Oh gee such a little guy and he already has that glint. :) That is a great picture, I think he looks like his Dad in that picture. Those hangers are great, he was describing them to me and I couldn't picture them. He is amazing. So how weird is this, I have now seen B. More than you and the boys??? Geez!!
Your berries look great, I can't believe you have already got 6 pounds! Mine are still flowering. You must have a great spot for them.

Kim said...

Wow, he is getting so big. And a total charmer. I love his expression, like he just can't wait to get big enough to get into some boyish trouble ;)
Ben's planter hangers are so beautiful. He is very talented. Have a great weekend

Kessie said...

Look at that little smirk! He's just a bundle of trouble waiting to get up and get around.

Make sure you freeze those berries! That way you can have delicious cobblers in the middle of winter.

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Happy belated Anniversary!! Love the plant hangers and love even more that you will be able to think of Ben each time you water the baskets. :-) I am jealous about the berries. Totally jealous. Ending the post with that flirty smile is too much!!

MarmePurl said...

Beautiful iron work. Pretty moon shot. Yummy berries. CUTE BABY!

Allison said...

I cannot believe that I have been away so long that your little sweetheart is already that big! He is adorable!! Give your hubby my congrats on his beautiful hangers. xoxo

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

How cute is that little darling? He has the most handsome eyes. The berries look wonderful.

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