June 21, 2012

Life Without Internet Means...

Poptarts - the solution to a pantry overflowing with jams


Veggie Picking!

Harvest Preserving

Reading Countryside magazine (I'm so in love with this magazine I ordered back issues)

Reading other stuff

Dress Making

School Planning

And just relaxing in general.

The only time I got on the internet was to do banking or look up recipes. 

I'm back! But just to blogging. I have realized this last week that social media (facebook, twitter, etc) is really bad for me. For multiple reasons. So I think I will just stick to my favorite blogs and let everything else alone for awhile.

How has your week been?


Farm Girl said...

Well I think that is a good idea. I love all of your photos. It really does look like you used your time wisely.
You are such a good Momma and wife. :)

MarmePurl said...

Welcome back...but that wasn't much of a break :)
My baby boy...aged 20...would love those poptarts. I never thought of that. Clever gal you are.

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Homemade pop tarts are so much better than store bought aren't they? I'm with you regarding Countryside - I really enjoy it. Sounds like you got a whole lot accomplished during your very brief break! I thought of you yesterday at the food swap I went to - first, because it was a homemade food swap and second, because it was held at a local yarn store. :-)

Kessie said...

My dried apricots look just like yours! I got about that many, too. I need more apricots. The kids wanted to devour them before I could even get them in the jar.

Also, poptarts sounds like a great idea ...

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