June 11, 2013

Today, I am...


...Thankful for the break in heat that allows me to open the windows until the afternoon. I love the fresh air.

... Realizing just how big my little man is getting. Daddy put him in a pirate costume last night. :)

... Adding Zucchini Pickles to list of things I have accomplished! They're really tasty too.

... Enjoying how my pantry is slowly filling up with home canned goods.

... Proud of my sister for making her first batch of strawberry jam with me this weekend. I made her do it and she did a great job!

... Happy that the lilies have finally arrived. It's the only part of June that I like! Well, and Duder's birthday.

... Glad that I weeded and mulched yesterday.

... Wanting to buy yarn. But then again, when am I not? :D

Happy Tuesday!


Kim said...

What a cute little pirate. He is growing so fast. I vote for buying more yarn. (Since I just ordered a big bag of wool myself) Hehehehe

Farm Girl said...

He is adorable as a little pirate!!! Go buy wool! It helps with the heat. :)
It is a list of wonderful things.

Kessie said...

How nice to get a cool down! I love Munchie in that outfit. I can't believe it fits!

Our Neck of the Woods said...

It was so hot here today! No opening the windows for me unfortunately. Your little pirate is such a cutie!

daisy said...

So much for which to be grateful. Your lil' guy looks like such a sweetie.

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Hooray for your sister!! Once you've made the first thing, everything else seems to be a breeze! :) How in the world is that adorable little pirate that big already? We have windows and doors open {finally} today - it's sunny and the rain is gone, albeit temporary, but it's gone! Yipee!!

Melissa C said...

Beautiful post, sweet little boy :)

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