December 22, 2009

The 99 Cent Store

A few weeks ago on the day I went to the library I also went to the Dollar Tree store. I have been hearing lots of stories from various blogs about how awesome dollar stores are. So I wanted to try it out. It was horrible. It was filthy, with trash and items from the shelves all over the floor. The displays were a mess, where everything was just left in a pile from people rifling through them. I left the store and crossed that one off my list, never to return.

The other day we ran by Goodwill on our way to the grocery store to drop off some stuff that we didn't need any longer. Right next to Goodwill is a 99 Cents Only store and I peered in through the window as we drove by, noting that it seemed to be much more clean and organized. So on Sunday I decided to try it out and see what I could find. My purpose was the go get little presents for boys for Christmas. I have a new favorite store.

Would you like to know what I got?
2 sets of plastic tools, so they can work with daddy
2 coloring books and 2 boxes of crayons, since they like to color
2 toy trains
4 packages of stickers, because they love stickers
5 gift bags to package presents
1 framed picture that goes perfectly with our soon-to-be color scheme

Wanna know how much I spent? $18.21. Yep! Would have been at least double that at Target or anywhere else.

It was awesome! I was so happy with the store and everything I got. The store itself is very clean and organized. There were a few places where some things were a little messy, but you could tell that the owners (or a dedicated employee) took care of the store. And the items! They have a whole half wall of tupperware and plastic items. And another whole shelf unit of ceramics & glass (plates, mugs, glasses, jars, etc.). A pretty large kitchen utensil section, a large grocery section with things like teas, pastas, canned goods, a frozen section, even a small refrigerated bin that had cauliflower in it. And I found the juice that I love at a price of 2 cans for $0.99! I fell in love. Everything in the store is $0.99 or less. And its ok if anything breaks (or gets destroyed) because it didn't cost 20 bucks! I am thinking I will go back and get a whole ton of drinking cups and plates for when we entertain. And maybe another picture... And another coloring book... And maybe some juice...

*By the way, what do you think of the new background? I can't decide if I like it or not...*

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Farm Girl said...

Hey Megan, I like both your blogs so much, I like this back ground too. I now have to go check out that dollar store. I think it's cool you got so much stuff for less than 20 dollars.
I think it is all good,

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