December 15, 2009

What's Cookin': Breakfast Paninis

Last night was just tacos with beans and leftover ground turkey (pretty boring) so today I'm mixing it up a little bit and giving you what we had for breakfast. I had the idea yesterday, made it for Ben today, and he said it was really good. I also made some for the boys and I and they scarfed them down. Alas, I don't have a picture because I didn't think about blogging it until after they were gone. If I make them tomorrow I will take a picture then.

Breakfast Panini
1 egg - .14
1 slice American Cheese - .15
2 pieces thin "deli style" ham - .14
2 slices sourdough bread - .12
2 tsp. Mayonnaise - .04 (I didn't actually measure it, this was just a guess for price)

Scramble the egg and cook it in a small pan. Meanwhile, spread each slice of bread with mayo. Place cheese and ham on one side. Add the cooked egg, folding to make fit if you have to. Place other piece of bread on top, then grill in a sandwich press, or in a pan while pressing down with a spatula.

Total: .59

Variations: You could use almost any cheese and any meat you like. Turkey and swiss with the egg would be tasty as well. You could also add more condiments like dijon mustard.

Ben likes to have protein in the morning so he doesn't fall asleep by 9 a.m. You get a good amount of protein out of this from the egg, ham and cheese combined which will fill you up for longer. You can't get a breakfast sandwich ANYWHERE for .59, and this one's tastier than any you could buy. Combine it with a glass of fruit juice and you're set for the morning!

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NetRaptor said...

I made these the morning after you posted this. THEY WERE AWESOME. I now want to have these for breakfast every morning. :-)

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