May 19, 2010

The Benefit of Illness

We've had a sick household this week, which means not getting a whole lot done. The only person who has escaped it so far has been Ben, which is really unusual but I am happy for that. I hope he doesn't get it, since it seems to be a really nasty one.

Tomorrow, the 20th, is Ben and I's 4 year wedding anniversary. We have plans for this weekend, so I am trying my hardest to be at least mostly cured of this stupid cold by Friday. I have tried everything I can think of aside from orange juice - Airborn, Sombucus, hot toddies, Nyquil, Motrin, and sleep. I've sat on my butt making sure I don't over exert myself just so I can get better quickly. Which for me is really hard. The bathrooms need cleaning, the laundry needs folding, I need to vacuum, and haven't made bread in over a week. I am really glad I stocked up on bagels now. I have at least kept up with dishes. But, we are getting better. I'm to the coughing stage now, which is a good sign, and the munchkins are pretty much over it. With the exception of Ty, who has the cough as well now.

One of the good things about being so sick is that I've had a ton of knitting time. There's not much else to do when your brain and body can't really function. So I have knit on my secret project, and I have knit on my Maude, that I am trying to finish by Friday. I have a bit of the body left, and the sleeves. I am very glad that it is a short sleeve. They shouldn't take very long. But for now, I have to finish 11 inches of this
2x2 rib. It's a good thing I'm already brain dead.


Anonymous said...

Hi Meg, thanks for visiting my blog. I got a good giggle out of "buff babe". Your knitting work is great! I hope everyone in your home is feeling better soon!!

William said...

I see the Lappy...!

Farm Girl said...

hey I see my blog. To bad I don't knit and that was a secret pattern on there. I hope you are feeling better. At least this is 4 years ago and not the day you got married, it would be a bummer of a honeymoon to be sick. :)
Get well soon,

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