May 10, 2010

Random On a Monday

My man's latest project for a customer. Rework store-bought doors to fit, and enclose the rest of the porch. It turned out beautifully.

1. Hey, look! I'm still here. I've have spent the last week going "I really need to post something... But I don't have anything to post." So today you get random.

2. I tried something new this month in that I did menu and shopping for the whole month. I used to do that, but it never went well because we wound up going to the store for odds and ends during the rest of the month and went over budget. But I did so well last month - only $25 over budget!!! - that I decided to give it a try again. Plus we are really sticking to our numbers on everything now, it should be easier. I guess I'm just tired of going to the store every week. Plus it drains my gas. So we'll try this. I will have to get things like milk and creamer, but I think I can do it without going over much, if at all. We did awesomely on our budget last month, just the food was over.

3. Remember the sweater? Welp. I tried it on, when it was just long enough to cover my shoulders, to see how the gauge was working out and it was a little too loose for my tastes. So I ripped back to the ribbing... three pattern repeats... and started over with smaller needles. Then I got stuck on my secret project and haven't picked it up since last Wednesday. I'm thinking I won't finish by our trip. But we shall see. And the Mystery shawl... Well the latest clue was Saturday but I have to finish this project before I can do anything else. Looks like I'll be getting behind on that.

4. OMG! Duder just walked like three feet. That's the most I've seen from him! That was so exciting! It makes my mama's heart swell. Then I tremble in fear when I realize that walking means getting into more things...

5. I wish I were June Cleaver. Only in a more rural, farmy sort of way. I was born a few generations too late. I love cooking for my husband, and caring for my family. I love old stuff, old ways, and if it weren't for the fact that Ben would laugh at me, I would totally greet him at the door in a dress and heels. But I guess I'll just have to get my fix with the H family farm where I can dream of days gone by and the simplicity of plants growing in the dirt. I might make that dress though...

6. You know you're knit-stressed when you have nightmares about having to frog and restart the same project over and over and over...

7. Ben has plans to eventually start his own welding business and working from out of the house. He does side work right now, when it comes around and I just have to say that I really hope he keeps up with that dream and it comes to fruition. I love having him home and being able to hang out with him while he works. I love how I can just walk into the garage and tell him lunch is ready, then he comes in, washes his hands, and sits down to eat. It's so nice. 

8. This is a spider that Ben found in our wind chime (that he made) when he was rehanging it. It came out lookin' to fight. The amazing part is I took this picture. I don't "do" spiders. I hate them. I believe the only good spider is a dead one. So for me to be on the ground, 2 inches from the stupid thing to get this picture was crazy. 

9. Happy Monday! Time to eat!


NetRaptor said...

I like your random post. So much interesting stuff! I think it'd be awesome if B could have his own home business. Then he wouldn't have to work for random jerk bosses anymore!

Farm Girl said...

I love your random posts too. I love hearing what you have been doing and thinking about. Still I don't know about the dress and heels and chasing kids all day. You would love very cute.
So come hang out and dream of simpler times, and play in the dirt.
I still am a big fan of spinning days.

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