May 15, 2010

C25K - Week One, Day 6

Things I've Learned From Week One:
  • You must, must, must stretch before you run.
  • Running around a fairly small yard can make you dizzy. Changing direction periodically helps.
  • Good shoes are a must.
  • Uneven ground is not good.
  • Morning is nicer to run in, it's less hot.
  • Reward yourself for motivation. I get green apples when I finish my run. (I love green apples.)
  • I've lost one half inch!
  • Stretching after a run feels good.
  • My ankles hurt (see above about uneven ground).
  • I feel incredibly good having run this week.
  • I might be repeating Week One next week. We'll see.
  • Ben said he can tell I've been exercising. SCORE!

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Farm Girl said...

I am impressed!!! Good job!

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