May 27, 2010

FK: H's Baby Blanket - The Super Secret Project Reveal

Almost two weeks late, but it's finally done. This is the secret project I've been working on. It is a baby blanket for my niece, intended for her one year birthday. I was just a little off. I had cast on the Sunday before her birthday, and knew I would be seeing her on Wednesday. So I knit like the wind to try to finish. I got half way through, but did not make it. (Half way of a good size blanket in 3 days is pretty awesome though.) Then I got sick. I finally finished and gave it her mama yesterday.

Pattern: Mitered Corner Blanket adapted by me from Elizabeth Zimmerman

Yarn: TLC Amore in "Rose" - 3.5ish balls

Needles: US 7/4.5mm Brittany wood straights

I cast on 72 stitches and it made a very generously sized blanket. It should last her a good long while. It is made by using short rows to make 4 corners, then you are supposed to sew the beginning and end together. I changed that to using a temporary cast on with waste yarn, and grafted the beginning and end together using the live stitches. Very fun! The short rows added enough interest to the garter stitch to not make it boring, and it was a good TV knit.

YTD Mileage: I forgot to weigh it before passing it on, but since I used 3.5 balls, I'm going to estimate it to be about 903 yards. Which brings my new total to 2.19 miles!


Farm Girl said...

I always love that color.
It is just beautiful and I bet she carries it to college with her. :)

William said...

Wow, you knit like a fiend. Cool looking blanket, lets hope it lasts long enough for Holly to give it to her daughters!

Mimi said...

You do beautiful work! I have been knitting for a very long time(over 40 years, yikes!) and so I know beautiful knitting when I see it. What a treasure you made for your niece!

Meg said...

Oh thank you! It's so nice to get compliments from knitters. :)

I hope she treasures it for a very long time.

NetRaptor said...

Actually, your nephew swiped it instead, carried it to bed with him last night, and then took a nap under it this morning, after which he brought it in and laid it across the couch. I think you have a knitting fan! I've sat and admired the pattern in it, myself. You're quite an artist. :-)

Meg said...

Haha that's so cute! Well I'm glad it's been happily received by someone. LOL!

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