August 21, 2010

FK: Footies

Finito! (Or however you spell it.) Hoo boy that was close. I did what I (badly) explained yesterday. I ticked back both socks to where the heel ended, the did a mini cuff for about 1/4 inch and bound off. I took the rest of that yarn and added it to the second sock and continued in the same fashion. And looky how much I had left....

15 inches - I feel like a knitting ninja! (Just to toot my own horn a bit.) It got kinda scary for that last bind off...

Pattern: No pattern! Just toe up socks with a short row heel and a bebe cuff

Yarn: Regia Jacquard Color in, uhh... "5270" - 1 (50g) ball

Needles: US 1/2.25mm Susan Bates Quicksilver dpns for foot
US 0/2mm Susan Bates aluminum dpns for tiny ribbed cuff

YTD Mileage: Since I used just about the whole ball, I'll round it to the full amount (229 yards) giving me a new YTD total of 3.32 yards

I have a few dishcloths I've done that I need to add up for my total as well. With my shawl, I just might hit 5 miles by the end of the year!


Farm Girl said...

Hey they turned out really cute!! You did it to with a bit to spare.
I think I might of just thrown them in the corner and started over.
I think it is neat that you made them look so good.
Hey Valerie is back on a new blog called It's Only Ten Pounds I have her in my side bar if you want to click on it.

Meg said...

Oh sweet, I thought she had totally disappeared! *goes to stalk*

Valerie@Losing10PoundsAgain said...

I thought I was gone for good also :)

Hi Meg! I missed you too! These socks are so cute! Have you ever thought about having a store on You are very talented. Thanks for coming back to follow me.

Valerie@Losing10PoundsAgain said...

Hey Meg, I'm going to really work on that number coming down over the coming months. I'll be too embarrassed if it stays the same or goes up!

I might need a bigger red nose!

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