August 21, 2010

Saturday of Stuff

A post on Saturday? Yes! I doesn't happen very often but I have some pictures to show you.

This is Gus Gus. He is the most hilariously chubby cat I have ever seen. (I named him after the fat mouse in Cinderella.) The resident kitties were wandering around yesterday. I put some food out for them, to see if they could eat "big" food yet. This little dude had no problem... He ate quite a bit in fact.

We were originally going to take the calico, but she was pretty scared and feisty. This guy though, would just lay down and roll over when we touched him. Not a peep, not a fuss, just happy to be pet.

He's so mellow. We gave him a bath last night, and after he was done and I was drying him off he just plunked down and fell asleep in my lap.

He's no stranger to food. I put him down in front of the dish last night and he chowed away. The problem with the last two stray kitties we've tried is they wouldn't eat. I'm glad he has no problem consuming food.

Stan does not like him. At all. He's been hissing and punching poor Gus. Gus just takes it. Then Stan gets in trouble for beating up the baby and goes and throws a fit. This morning he went and tossed the cat sand out of Gus' box. Stan is a tool. He'll get over it.

I realized last night that I never did show you guys the shed completely finished. Here it is in all it's glory. Ben roofed it two weeks ago and we promptly moved all our crap it. He's happy to have his garage back, and I'm happy to have our bedroom closet back. It's been a very nice addition.

All in all it cost about a grand, which is only a fraction of what it would have cost us to buy one of the brand name *ahem* "Rough" Shed. Ben looked them up and for one of the same size it would have been almost $4k. We scored big by doing it ourselves. We will use the shed as our testing ground for new house colors.

Here is a picture of our engineers going over the plans at the beginning.

I'm two rows away from finishing that pair of socks, and I should have yarn leftover! Project post to come soon (probably this afternoon). Also, my early mornings have payed off. I have 7 rows til the end of chart 4 for the mystery shawl. I will stick in another repeat or two of other charts to make it a bigger shawl, then I will be done. I'm hoping I can get at least one more shawl in my the end of the year.

Stay tuned!


NetRaptor said...

Oooh, the new kitty is so sweet! And you do totally want a mellow kitty for the kiddies. From the looks of it, he'll always weigh about 15 pounds. Should have named him Sumo. :-)

And the shed looks awesome! Someday when we want to build one, I'll have to pump you for your secrets.

Farm Girl said...

IT all looks great and the shed is just awesome, I love the pictures of your engineers discussing plans. The diapers are just so cute.
Gus Gus looks like a handful, That was so funny.
I enjoyed your Saturday post and all of your pictures.

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