August 30, 2010

Don't You Wish Your Fridge Was OCD Like Mine?

To anyone who has come over from my mom-in-love, Farmgirl at My Field of Dreams, thanks for stopping by! I'm glad you're here and I hope I don't talk your ear off. :D

This is actually a Random Monday post, but I just really wanted to use that title. 10 points to the first person who gets the reference.

Every time my eldest brother in law comes over, he stares at my fridge and asks what it's all about. Then he says something like "Wow, Meg! You're so organized!" My mom says the same thing too, except she giggles and calls me anal as well. So today I share with you my (current) system so mayhaps I can get second opinions that say something like "Oh my goodness, you're a genius!" Or "Hey! Good idea!" instead of "Heh... you're a little "special" darling..." Bro-in-law also says he wished his office looked like mine, so I think he thinks my organizational skills are awesome. In which case he should get a high-five.

First for your OCD viewing pleasure... my white board. I had this living in my closet for a long time and finally decided to put it to use when I was tired of throwing away the inventory sheets I had originally. I hot glued little magnets to the back so it sticks there. In the upper left side goes the current contents of leftovers, the bottom left goes condiments, and ingredients that will perish soon, and the upper right is produce. This way I know what's in the fridge and it's a reminder of what needs to be eaten and how long it's been in there. (Ignore the measurements, that's for a shelf.)

This is my grocery list. I might have talked about this before. I can't remember and am too lazy busy to look through my previous posts. I always wound up forgetting things when I went to the store and I hated doing the "Oh shoot, I forgot to get [blank]" as soon as I got home. So I spent a day or two compiling a list of things we keep on hand and ingredients for dishes I make often. Then I opened up Word and made a list, by category, of those items. Now I just check off what I need as I run out, and when I need to go to the store I have a reference there of what I need to check before I leave (like toilet paper). Works perfectly. I also spaced it out so I can fold it in fourths for ease of carrying.

Now to the fun stuff! My mom-in-love said on her blog that I post great pics of the boys, and it's been awhile since I've done so. So here you go!

Duder looking at me expectantly for pancakes and raisins. He was a hungry man this morning.

The boys lounging and watching Veggie Tales. Goofballs. They're speech is coming along so well. I asked Jack why he turned off the TV and he looked at me and said "Cause it's over." Oh! Ok then!

Our potato bush is the last big of color we have left on the property. Ben picked this yesterday, by accident, when he wanted to moved it from going through the fence posts and it ripped off. He said it was so pretty he hated to throw it away, so I ran to grab the vase. I really do love our potato bush. It has such gorgeous color. I will be very sad when the flowers are done for the year. But it will also mean it will be cold. I had to wear a jacket yesterday because it was so chilly and I LOVED it. It was great.

Knitting! Because I know that's what y'all come here for. ;)

The Sock! I knit most of this on Friday at my mom-in-loves. It was a very productive knitting day. I only had about an inch and a half of the toe done when I got there, and I worked all the way up to that stitch marker on the left side. Which means I even turned the heel while I was there. I really thought I was going to finish the sock that day. But alas, I did not. I now have the leg portion to do. I've decided that I will just do ribbing until I run out of yarn.

This is how much yarn I have left for this sock. I think I might get knee-highs. Hehe.

And the shawl... Oh my goodness the shawl. I decided I would do another repeat of a chart from clue 3, to make it a bit longer since I am using smaller needles than it called for. I have 37 rows left. Which doesn't sound so bad except for the fact that there are over 1,000 stitches in each row. I believe it takes me 15 minutes to do one single row, and that's just on plain knit rows, not the lace pattern ones. So I still have a bit longer to go. Then the lace edging. But I'm not giving up! I will finish this thing, because I want to start a new one and I'm not letting myself until I finish this one.

Also, I have to share this because it is SO cute - Stan loves this shawl. Mr. Doesn't-usually-cuddle will crawl into my lap when I'm knitting this and snuggle into it. Unfortunately, he also likes to chew on my stitch markers, so I have to boot him off. But I just thought it was adorable.

Whew! Long post! I really do think I talk too much. Must be the southern in me. If you made it to the end here, congratulations! And thanks for sticking around. ;)

I did all my laundry and cleaning on Saturday, so now I have nothing to do today. I guess I'll just have to knit... Darn. I hope y'all have a great Monday!


Beautiful pear tree lane said...

Hi Meg,
My name is Sue, so nice to meet you. I came over from Kim's house.
First let me say you have the cutest guys sitting on the couch chilling out.
You and my daughter would get along fine, she lives to organize too. I love your idea of organizing whats in your refrig. I also.
Like I told Kim, when I posted, I admire people who are gifted with their hands and your knitting is beautiful.
And since I am a southern gal, you are so right, we southern girls just seem to go on and Must be something in the I alway tell myself I am going to make short posts, but to no avail, just like this comment. LOL
Thank you for sharing.

Farm Girl said...

I do love random Monday posts. Glad you liked the post about your dear husband. I was afraid I would gush to much. :) I am glad you posted pictures of the boys too. That way people can check them out.
I do love the color of that shawl. Oh and thank you so much for dinner it was lovely. Do you know that Ron and I had to wait until our kids grew up to get invited over to other peoples houses for dinner?
So that made it also very special.

Have a great day knitting on Monday! Just finished school and starting on my very dirty house.

Meg said...

@Mom: Hey, anyone gushing about Ben is ok with me! I am rather fond of him. :P

Thank you so much for the eggs. When we went to the store on Sunday there was one 18 pack left, and I didn't know if that was going to make it until the next time I went to the store. Your eggs came just in time. And I love how you called them "sick free eggs". That cracked me up!

Farm Girl said...

I am glad you can use them. The little girls are starting to hit their stride. They still haven't figured out about the nest boxes so I still have to look around for them. They are all laying so it is nice being about to collect most days about 10 each day.

It was nice last night, I hope Ben wasn't to tired this morning. :)

myletterstoemily said...

dear meg,

i did come over from your mother in law's
blog, because i just adore her and knew i
would love you, too!

i am not one bit disappointed. :)

i AM organizationally challenged, though,
and hope some of 'you' will rub off on me.


Meg said...

Hi Lea! Welcome. :) I'm so glad you're here and that you like my blog.

Be careful though. I'm not sure rubbing off would be good... My poor hubby thinks I'm a little crazy sometimes. Hehe.

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

Came over from your mother-in-love's blog...what a precious way to address her...I have one daughter-in-love, but no grandbabies yet.
The boys are precious...from this mom of five boys...enjoy!!! sure that might have helped me through the years, but too late now!!
Fun blog,

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

Hi Meg,
I came over from your mil's blog too. I've been looking back over some of your posts and enjoying visiting. It looks like you have twins. I'm the mom of 6, with a set of twins too. I don't have your organizing skills, but I am very particular about keeping my check book balanced and keeping my check register in order. I liked seeing that someone else was too :-) I used to be a bookkeeper, so I guess that has something to do with it.

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Meg, I followed the link from your current post to this and laughed right out loud. I have an identical OCD refrigerator. Ha! I too have the check off grocery list, I also have a monthly meal plan calendar and a freezer inventory for the large freezer out in the outbuilding. Glad there is someone else out there who just loves lists. :-)

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