September 1, 2010

Since Everyone Else Is Doing It...

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Apparently, today is "Let's Welcome September Day!" and I totally missed the memo. While I do love September, I find it slightly sad that nobody has really welcomed any of the other months and September seems to be the favorite child. How come nobody gets excited about March? Or May?

Oh well. To jump on the bandwagon, I shall present to you a list.

10 Things I Love About September/Autumn
  1. Fall is just a wee bit closer. Ok, this is obvious, but there's something about knowing it's September that makes it more real. 
  2. The air gets crisper. I love crispy air, it's very refreshing.
  3. Apple Season! I love me some apples and I hope this year to drag take my man and the kids up to Tehachapi to get ridiculous amounts of the delicious fruit to eat, can and freeze.
  4. Labor Day Weekend! Which happens to be this coming weekend and as long as Ben doesn't have crazy amounts of work to do, forcing him to work on Saturday (which is possible), we get a three day weekend!
  5. Cooler weather, for the most part. Our county fair happens the last and first weeks of September and October, respectively. We will get cool weather up until those two weeks, when it will be sweltering hot. Then as soon as the fair is over it will cool off again. The desert hates us like that.
  6. The colors. Oh sweet sheep the colors. I love the deep reds, oranges, browns, purples and golds of autumn. Sadly, we don't get them very long, but I will savor them while we have them.
  7. Jeans. Colder weather means longer pants and I love jeans. They make my butt look good. 
  8. Warm drinks. Tea (my favorite), cocoa, apple cider (my other favorite) and hot toddys. Tis the season for warm drinks!
  9. Fires. In the fireplace of course. I love sitting in front of the fire. We have a gas insert, which makes me kind of sad. I appreciate it for keeping us warm, but there's nothing like a real roaring fire.
  10. No more cooler! In just a little bit we won't have to turn the swamp cooler on anymore! We've already had it off for 4 days now, and it's been so nice. I can't until we're done for the season.
So, what are some of your favorite things about September and the coming fall?


Farm Girl said...

Well I like your list. I think that we are just in the mood for cooler weather and eating different kinds of food and I think come March, people will celebrate it because it will mean spring. I just couldn't wait, I have always loved September.

NetRaptor said...

The remark about jeans making your butt look good made me laugh. I like them for that, too. :-)

I think I would add one more thing to your list: heavy, beefy, soupy meals! You just can't make the same food in the summer the way you can in cooler weather.

Meg said...

NR: Ah, yes! I can't believe I forgot that one. I was telling Ben last night that I couldn't wait for stew weather. Good one!

Anonymous said...

This is a great list of things to love.

I live for jeans and they don't make my butt look good, LOL, but I can hide it under a big comfy sweatshirt or sweater! I also like that our home feels so warm and cozy in the Fall.

Beautiful pear tree lane said...

Hi Meg,
Reading this makes me want fall to come even sooner. Thanks for sharing.

Jennifer said...

I love doing my quiet time on my back patio with a cup of coffee in a big sweatshirt at the crack of dawn...

apple picking for sure!...

shameless baking...

and this awful/wonderful lightup sparkly pumpkin that my former boyfriend/now dear husband of 8 years bought out of the avon catalogue for me the first year we were dating.

Meg said...

Valerie: I love cozying up in big sweaters too!

Sue: Thank you for the sweet comment. I can't wait for fall to get here.

Jennifer: I can't wait for the baking either! Especially since I won't die of heat stroke when I do! And that pumpkin sounds hilarious! :)

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