September 26, 2010

Weekend Links

Here's a couple links I've found this week that I'd like to share. Enjoy, and have a wonderful Sunday!

The Risks of Eating Soy Foods :: Simple Organic - Sums up things I've known, and new things I learned, that I've wanted to talk about for awhile. Even more reason to carry on my quest for a mostly soy-free home. (Especially with 4 men in the house.) See, I knew real butter was good for you. ;)

Apple Picking Orchards & Farm Guides for California - I'll be using this if/when we go get a car load bunch of apples.

Heather's Arroz Con Pollo :: $5 Dinners - I made this the other night and it was delicious. I added a bit of paprika and cayenne in place of the Sazon. Highly recommend this dish. Thighs are cheaper than breasts, and I got a package on Manager's special which made it even cheaper. Hold out for a sale and you've got an easy cheap meal!

I thought I had more, but I can't remember them now. I'll add them later if I remember!


NetRaptor said...

That article about the dangers of soy was very interesting. There was only one naysayer with a naysaying article, but the naysayer had not read it carefully. The article was saying, "Oh sure, soy is safe and beneficial .... if eaten in very small amounts." It didn't touch on what happens if you consume hundreds and hundreds of milligrams of the stuff a day, like most of the other people in the comments seemed to be doing.

I've been going over the things we eat, and I don't think we actually eat much soy, aside from some baking oils and soy sauce. We don't have enough money for processed food, lawl.

Also, that chicken and rice stuff sounds really good. What is sazon, anyway? I've never heard of it.

Meg said...

Go through the ingredients list on your packages. You'd be really surprised what contains soy and other things that aren't great for you.

Sazon is just a mexican seasoning mix that has cayenne, paprika, oregano and salt & pepper (and maybe some other stuff). Since the recipe itself had most of those, I just threw in the cayenne and paprika to make up for it.

NetRaptor said...

I've been keeping an eye on various ingredients, and the snack foods our neighbor gives the kids are the absolute worst. Everything from Splenda to partially-hydrogenated soybean oil, not to mention the dyes and preservatives. I give the kids 1 thing and covertly throw out the rest.

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