September 28, 2010

Random on a Tuesday

Look! A Random Tuesday, out in the wild! Crickey!

1. We have a new cell tower about 3 blocks from our house now. It's right smack in the middle of our backyard view. We weren't too happy about it (not like there's much we can do about it though), but they started "treeing" it yesterday. I guess a giant fake looking tree is better to look at than a giant ugly looking cell tower.

2. We found a new and most deliciously awesome way to make tacos. Ben raves about the carne asada tacos he gets from a taco truck that comes by work and wanted me to try to recreate them. I don't have carne asada, so we stood over a pan of browned ground beef, me putting in spices while he told me what it needed. And now, all we do is add 1 tsp garlic powder, 1 tsp onion powder, 2 tsp salt and about 2 Tbs lemon (or lime) juice to one pound of ground beef. Serve with chopped onions, and cilantro if you have it. They. Are. Amazing. So simple, easy, and tasty. He said they taste exactly like the the ones he gets from the truck. Ben's never really liked the "taco" flavoring from packets and mixes (even my homemade versions), but this is our new taco love.

3. Found a great way to make bread crumbs, while not letting anything go to waste. I think I read this in one of the Tightwad Gazzette books, but I'm not sure. Anyways. When you make a loaf of bread (or bring a whole one home from the store), slice the whole loaf all at one time. The bread crumbs left on the board can then be left to dry for a bit and then store away for later use. I've put mine in a jar in the pantry. They can just be seasoned as you use them. One less thing I need to buy!

4. I finished the first of the Endpaper Mitts last night. Sorry for the crap picture, hard to do with one hand. I started the second one and if I'm lucky I'll get it done by the end of the weekend. Christmas knitting will be coming up soon, so I probably won't have as many visible projects for awhile.

5. I've been designing my own recipe pages. I think I finally settled on this version that I really like. Took me awhile to get it right. I'm slowly getting all my recipes - my own and one's I've gotten from other places - into this format for my recipe binder. I like everything to look the same, so it's easier to find (and I'm OCD). I'd like to give you guys access to printable versions of the recipe's I've created. Does anyone know of a file hosting site that supports pdfs? I don't want to have to buy website space right now for just that reason. Until I can host them somewhere else, feel free to email me requests and I'll send you the pdf version. It'll look like the picture above. I can't send you other people's recipes, but I can send you my own.

Have a Happy Tuesday!


Farm Girl said...

I love your random posts. Wow, bummer for you to see that giant cell tower out your back yard. At least it looks like a tree.
The bread crumb sounds so easy, I will have to try that. I am glad you are OCD I am comfortable with it. It always seems normal and logical to me.
Well have a very nice Tuesday!

Farm Girl said...

I didn't know which place you would come first, so I will come here too.
Yep, take all you want since you and Ben helped plant most of the trees.:)

Farm Girl said...

hey that picture looks great! I couldn't even tell.

Meg said...

Hehe, I needed a fall picture and nothing around here looks good, and I don't have any from last year. Thanks for letting me use it! :D

Jennifer said...

Hey Meg! Scribd supports pdfs. it is really user-friendly. can't wait to try lola's rol-a's. :)

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