September 14, 2010

Creative Recycling

I've been going through my closet lately, trying to get rid of stuff that I don't/won't wear. I'm trying to simplify my life and get rid of the crap that I just don't need. Awhile ago, I found this:

A past-the-knee halter that I bought at Target a few years ago. I've never worn it. It looked really cute on the rack, but I didn't like the way it looked on me. (Reason 1 for trying things on before you buy them...). I prefer "twirly" dresses, one's that flair out and this one wasn't cutting it.

However, I felt horrible about spending the money (I can't remember, but probably close to $30, knowing Target) and just giving it away. Plus I liked the fabric. So I decided to do a little reworking.

Remove the bottom ruffles.
Cut the back off.
Permanently attach the neck ties together.
Use the ruffle material to make ties.
Use back material to make pockets.
Do a little sewing and attaching.

All that gets me...

An apron! I realized that I've been really into aprons. I've seen some really adorable ones and I just love how handy they are.

I can't cook without one, unless I want to be wearing what I'm making. I like the camo one in the top picture well enough, but the pockets are right on the hip. So once I tie it back I can't really get into them. I prefer front pockets.

So I made front pockets! I also don't like my aprons too terribly long, so I make it quite short. I think this apron will work out nicely.


NetRaptor said...

Amazing! You made it from something you never wear into something that you'll wear all the time! :-)

Meg said...

That's the idea! I really didn't want to just waste it.

Farm Girl said...

Very Cute!!! It makes a totally cute apron. I think much cuter than the dress.
I love the pockets!

Jennifer said...

Great job, Meg! I love it!

Valerie said...

Love it! You are so creative!

Watch out Martha Stewart, there's a new supergirl in town and her name is Meg!

William said...

Artfully cropping your head out of your pictures adds a pleasant mysteriousness to your blog.

Also, your drapron (dress + apron) is impressive and resourceful!

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