October 1, 2010

Fiber Friday and Happy October!

Remember these pics?

Yeah. I haven't really gotten much farther. It's been a pretty slow knitting week. I did cast on for the second Endpaper and have gotten through one and a half pattern repeats. And the third and final clue for the Honey Quartet finally came out yesterday, so I started working on that but it's really just more of the same and the end cuff.

But! Today is October first and in honor of the month, I think it's time to make some more Pumpkins!

Happy Knitting!


Mimi said...

Meg where do you get your yarn? Thx!

Meg said...

The blue and black for the Endpaper mitts I got from Classy Knits & Yarns here in town. It's called Cascade Heritage. The pink I got from knitpicks.com, it's one of their sock yarns. Actually, most yarn I get is from them because it's so cheap! :)

Farm Girl said...

Hey, great pumpkin. :) Yes, as I was looking at mine, I was thinking that you need to make some more. It is still my favorite.

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