October 20, 2010

For Those Wondering...

Ok, I guess I've gotten enough comments now that it's time to let everyone know we are alright! LOL!

Yes, we're all fine. I've just been seriously lacking in any drive to write at the moment. Hardly any knitting, no new recipes (at least not I'm ready to post yet, I have one from last night that needs another test run...), and I'm waiting for Ben to finish a really awesome project before I post about it. I've mostly been reading blogs and stuff on photography - which doesn't make for great blogging until I find batteries for my stupid Battery-Eating-Demon-Camera. I've been drooling over the Nikon D3100, and am sort of hoping that we can swing it after we reach a few goals at the end of the year. And once I get a new camera (eventually), I'd like to start a 365 photo project.

I guess I was just a little burned out and didn't realize it.  I've got stuff coming, I just need to find the desire and the content! I'll try to get something up for you guys soon!

Thanks for the concern, you guys are the best! :)



NetRaptor said...

Oh good, I was seeing "last posted: 8 days ago" and was wondering where you'd got to. It's hard to post when you're waiting on something big to post. But hey, the heat wave broke, so now maybe our creativity will start to ooze back in, eh?

P.S. The little word verification was "worimi" like "worry me". XD

Farm Girl said...

Oh I am glad, it is so nice to be missed dotcha think? I am glad you updated to let us know everything was good in your world.

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

I think you're doing better than me. I've only got 4 posts so far this month :-) Life is just like that at times. I'd love to get a new camera too. I love the idea of a 365 photo project. That's impressive.

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