October 26, 2010

Why My Life is Never Boring

My mom-in-love has baskets and baskets full of toys from when her kids were little. These baskets now get dumped out to entertain the generation of children that my sis-in-law and I have spawned forth from our wombs.

In one of these baskets was Larry, a finger puppet of the cucumber host from Veggie Tales.

A few months ago, Larry came to live with us. One of my boys absconded away with him, and he's been floating around our house ever since.

This morning, while vacuuming our bedroom, I looked out the sliding glass door to see this. Poor Larry, impaled placed on the stem of our palm plant, Albert, which has since lost it's leaf due to deranged male child violence.

I'm not sure who put him there - one of my little boys, or my Big One.

But he looks happy enough where he is, judging by the smile on his face.


Farm Girl said...

I have got a good laugh, what better place for Larry to live? That is so funny I am so glad you got a picture.

NetRaptor said...

LOL! He actually blends in! Larry and his fellow ... vegetation? :-)

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

Aren't boys adorable. They do the wildest things. Gotta love them!!!

William said...

Babies really do think of things that adults wouldn't. For instance, skewering a finger puppet on a plant (hilarious, by the way).

Also, eating dust bunnies.

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