October 25, 2010

How My Husband is a Genius

Behold! The Project. The one I said I was waiting to show you. Know what it is?

Can ya guess?

It's a smoker! This whole beast of tasty-making awesomeness came from a 15 second video on YouTube, in which Ben saw a tool box, just like the one he had stashed in the shed, turned into a smoker.

So he took that idea and ran with it. He made an extra box to attach to the side for the fire. Added a smoke stack, wheels, a side damper (pictured above)...

Added in some shelving racks and made a grill out of stainless. This pork roast was our first attempt last night.

He pushed to get the smoker finished so that we could have the pork for dinner, but we weren't able to start until 4. So we put it on then, and let it smoke until about 8:30. The fire was dieing down and the "oven" was losing heat and he didn't feel like feeding it more, so we pulled the roast off and finished it in the oven. But after 4 and a half hours of smoking...

Oh my sweet wonderful heavens. It was amazing. I could have eaten that whole thing right there, by myself. I'm going to use the pork in something tomorrow, probably sandwiches. Unless I eat it before then.

We had hot dogs and cheddar wurst for dinner last night, which we of course did in the smoker. Those were some of the best cheddar wurst I have ever had. Smoking them added so much delicious, incredible flavor.

I have affectionately named the smoker Trodgor. I'm sure only a handful of you will get that reference, and it's too much to explain. So just go with me.

We still have some learning to do on times and heat control, but I think we just put our BBQ into retirement. Next up: Chickens, tri-tips, turkeys, pork chops...

It's OK, you can be jealous. ;)


NetRaptor said...

Yes, very jealous! Someday I'll have to bring over some meat just to use your smoker. :-) What sort of wood do you use?

Meg said...

Ben did a mix of charcoal and mesquite. He figures next time he'll use just the wood though, to keep the fire going longer.

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

I'm sure you're going to get a lot of use out of this. Your husband is very talented!

Farm Girl said...

Hey Megan, I left you a long post yesterday maybe it was to braggy about Ben but it error ed on me. So no nice things about that gorgeous smoker. He is so amazingly talented!

Meg said...

Marcia: He really is, thank you! :)

Mom: It's ok, I know how much you like him. Heheh.

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