August 17, 2010

Life's a Peach

This morning, I (finally) got around to processing the rest of the peaches from my mom-in-law's tree.

14 cups, mixed with a bit of sugar and lemon juice, bagged in 2 cup portions and ready for the freezer to join the other bags I did previously. And that doesn't include the ones that were too bruised/bugged and beyond saving (which wasn't a ton, but still). And now, a list of things I learned while skinning, chopping and bagging.

1. It really does make life easier to cut a slit on the bottom, dunk the peaches in boiling water, then ice water (like I do tomatoes). I tried just peeling them with a knife. Having the skins slide off is much easier.

2. My giant bowl from the 99 cent store is most awesome. It holds a TON of peaches (not literally, but maybe close) and was only 99 cents. It makes an excellent produce processing bowl.

3. I do not want to see another peach for a very long time...

4. I need to figure out what to do with them once I build up the nerve. Syrup, cobbler, butter, leather...

5. Either mom's tree or her hive of bees, I'm not sure which, is overly enthusiastic about it's job. My take wasn't nearly as large as my sis-in-law's, and there was still a lot left on the tree.

6. I now need to psych myself up to clean the peachy mess in the kitchen.

7. Standing in one place for two hours makes my backside hurt immensely. I don't recommend it.

8. Iced tea and cookies make it better. Just sayin'.


Farm Girl said...

I know I just feel terrible about those peach trees, but your bagged product looks lovely and come winter, you are going to love peach pies, and peach cobbler and all of that stuff. It will remind of you summer and hopefully you won't remember the work. :) So I take it that I won't tell you about the fair time peach that will be coming off in a couple of weeks. :)
They all look so pretty though, I would pat myself on the back for a job well done. :)

William said...

I love seeing fresh chopped peaches, but I reckon you'd get tired of 'em after a while.

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