June 2, 2010

Something New!

I found out last night that Blogger now has the option to make pages! (This might not be so new, but I'm kinda slow...) I have added a page each for recipes and for finished knitting projects. You can find each linked in the navigation bar located right under the blog's title image.

I have imported my finished projects from my old knitting blog, so you can see the stuff from 2009 if you go to the project page. Now I can easily look back to see what I have done over the past years and say things like,  "Aw, I really loved that project." and "HOLY SHEEP. What was I thinking?!?"

Also, I am thinking of making printable/down-loadable PDF versions of the recipes that were a big success. Would that be something y'all are interested in?


Mimi said...

I sure would be interested in that! I mean a down-loadable version of recipes.
I'm going right now to see your knitting creations! Can't wait!

Jennifer said...

Whew! I got to look at your knitting pages. Just beautiful! How long have you been knitting for? My favorite was the kimono set. Love it!

Valerie@it'sonly100pounds said...

That is so cool that you added pages. I'm looking forward to seeing your knitting projects and recipes!

Meg said...

Mimi~ Thank you so much for your sweet comments on my projects. FO stands for "finished object".

Jennifer~ Thank you! My mom taught me how to cast on and work the knit stitch when I was 8 and I did it off and on since then. But I didn't get serious about it until we got pregnant with the boys and I wanted to make a blanket. It's been almost 4 years solid. Now my hands don't know what to do if they don't have needles in them.

Valerie ~ Oh, I'm so glad you're back in blog land. Thanks for stopping by! :)

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