June 5, 2010

What's Cookin': Amaretto Peach Butter

Ben has made a dish a few times before that involves sauteing peaches and/or nectarines in brown sugar and cinnamon, then dousing them in a shot of Amaretto liquor and letting it all cook down together. It is heavenly and we love serving it over ice cream or cake. When I tasted this peach butter yesterday after putting the liquor in, it tasted exactly like that. It was so delicious. I even put it on my grilled chicken last night and it was amazing. If you have an abundance of fruit I would highly suggest making this. You'll never go back to plain old jam.

Amaretto Peach Butter - makes 2 and a half pints
4 & 1/2 pounds peaches* - pitted, peeled and coarsely chopped
1/2 C water
Zest and Juice of one lemon
1 & 1/2 C sugar
1/2 C Amaretto liquor

Place peaches, water, zest and lemon juice in a large stainless steel sauce pan. Bring to a boil over medium heat, stirring frequently. Once peaches have reached a boil, reduce heat and continue to simmer until peaches are softened, about 20 minutes.

Working in small batches, and being careful not to burn yourself, puree peaches in a food processor. Measure 4 cups.

Clean saucepan and return peaches, adding sugar and stirring until sugar is dissolved. Heat over medium heat to boiling then reduce heat again and keep boiling. Once mixture starts to thicken, add liquor. Continue to boil until mixture is thickened and holds it's shape on a spoon.

Transfer to jars, leaving 1/4" head space. Add lids and screw bands until fingertip tight. Place in water bath canner making sure to cover jars completely with water (at least an inch). Bring to boil and process for 10 minutes. Remove lid then wait 5 minutes before removing jars.

If you have extra butter just put in a container with a lid (or another jar) and stick it in the fridge. It will be good for a few weeks (if it lasts that long...).

*I had 4 and 1/2 pounds of whole peaches (before peeling and chopping) and I wound up only getting half of the yield, so apparently the recipe meant 4 and 1/2 pounds of peach flesh. I cut the other ingredients in half to accommodate, but if you are going by the weight of peach flesh (getting 8 cups of puree), then double the sugar and liquor.


NetRaptor said...

Cooking with liquor is something I can't afford to do yet, but you have me very curious. Bring some on Wednesday for tasting!

Meg said...

I have a whole jar for mom, so you can dip into it then. ;)

Farm Girl said...

What if I don't want to share? Okay it sounds nice and I can't wait to taste. I will have to make it when our peaches are ripe.

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