July 29, 2011

Finished Knit: Baby Hat in Blue

Have I mentioned how much I love baby things and how fast they knit up? Ben told me that I was going to jinx us knitting all this pink stuff, so I told him I would do stuff in blue too and cast this on.

I wanted to have something extra in it so I just did a little Fair Isle motif with some red.

Unfortunately I've run out of blue yarn so I don't have enough to do booties. I'll have to order some more because a baby can't go without booties!

Why yes, I am modeling it on a lamp. Turns out it's the size of a baby head.

Pattern: Top Down Pi Hat by Meg (pattern to follow)

Yarn: Knit Picks Stroll in "Dusk" - 17 grams/78 yards, with a bit of Knit Picks Palette for contrast

Needles: US 2/2.75mm Harmony wood DPNs

Knitline: July 24th - July 28th

YTD Mileage: This wee thing added .04 miles putting me up to 2.84 miles. 

Bonus! Here's the pattern I've been using for the hat. I'm using EZ's Pi Shawl technique and adjusting the numbers to become a hat (not a shawl) and fit a baby head. This turns out a hat that will fit a head around 14 inches.
Top Down Pi Hat
CO 9 stitches and join to work in round. (I use the Emily Ocker Cast On)
Knit 1 round. 
On next round double the stitches by working k1, m1 all the way around. - 18 stitches
Knit 3 rounds. 
On the next round double stitches again. - 36 stitches
Knit 6 rounds. 
Double stitches again. - 72 stitches
Knit 12 rounds. 
On 13th round increase to have a total of 108 stitches by working K2, M1 all the way around.
Knit until the hat is desire length. Bind off. Put on a baby!
~ Add embellishments like eyelets or Fair Isle wherever you feel like. Knitting to the end will produce a rolled brim, adding ribbing at the end will keep it flat.

Happy Knitting,

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From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

As usual, I am in complete awe of your talent for knitting. This hat is adorable. It would be nice to keep a little pink one though. Just in case!!

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