July 8, 2011

Random For The Weekend

I started Little House in the Big Woods today and I have completely fallen head-over-heels in love with Laura and her family. I'll probably finish it tonight. I've borrowed all the other books from Ben's mom and I'm sure I'll devour them all before the month is through.

I've started a market bag for taking to the Farmer's Markets with me on the rare occasions I go. (I wish I could go more often and am trying to do so.) It's bright red and I'll continue it with a mesh pattern on the sides. Hopefully I have enough to do the whole bag, but I figured if not then I have some dark green of the same yarn and I'll make it a strawberry!


I have a BAJILLION little green tomatoes. But I am terribly sad (almost heart broken, actually) to report that I have been finding blossom rot on a lot of them. I know what causes it (lack of calcium in the soil) and how to fix it (add calcium to the soil... heh). Unfortunately the way to fix it requires me to do so before the plants go in ground. I did try putting a bit of eggshells around the plants when I put them out, but having not really planted tomatoes before I know now that I didn't put nearly enough, and I just scattered it on the soil, not mixed it in. And to be honest I didn't understand why you needed to put the eggshells, I just heard it was a good idea to prevent the blossom rot. Now I know. Live and learn and try again next year. I'm hoping the farmer's market and maybe my grandmother can supply me with enough tomatoes for canning this year.

A question for those of you who know plants: We have quite a bit of shaded flower bed in our front and some in the back. Do y'all know of some flowers we could plant that like mostly shade? I'm not particular about the color, I'd just like something I can stuff my beds with. Hopefully a low-to mid height plant since we already have tall covered. I am hoping for plants that will give more flower than green leaves as we have a bunch of green now with the lilies. 

Canteloupe. Ants for scale. Hehe.

Everyone has asked when I am due, and I've been trying to email and reply to everyone. But for those I have missed/haven't gotten to yet: This little one should come in early March! The twins birthday is on the 13th, so maybe we'll get three birthdays in one day? ;)

Happy Weekend!


Kessie said...

Noooo not blossom rot! There's nothing you can do for it at all? *sadness*

Glad to hear that you have a due date! Seems spring is just a great time for birthdays. We have this crop of spring babies going on. :-) Also, I'm glad you love the Little House books. I had several of them that I read seasonally for years. The Long Winter, in particular, intrigued the heck out of me.

mountain mama said...

yes, you'll have all the little house books read in NO time!!! :)

hmm...not sure i knew you are prego...congrats!!!

Allison said...

My favorite shady flowers are lobelia (light blue) and impatiens. They need lots of water, too, but they thrive in shade!

Next year, try planting lobelia from seed. It's so easy and much cheaper.

I have a green, yellow and white knitted market bag myself! I love the strawberry idea, definitely.

And why not take the tomato blossoms that are rotting, slice off the rotting part and fry up some green tomatoes? Yum-o-rama. Have you ever done that? Ma would tell you to pickle them green, just so you know. :) She always loved anything pickled!

Farm Girl said...

So glad you love the Little house books, yes, they are wonderful and once I start them I can never stop. I have the cookbook that goes with them if you want to borrow it after you are finished.
Farmer Boy is just as good but they eat all of the time.
I am glad to know when you think you are due. WOW March!! We will be busy in March!
Sorry about your Tomatoes.
I think Allison has a great idea though. If my tomatoes ever turn red you can have some of mine. :)
I have a gillion just no ripe ones.
Have a lovely day.

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

How exciting.....3 birthdays in one month. That's going to be quite the birthday bash!!!! Sorry to read about the blossom end rot. That stinks. Well, you'll know for next year. As far as color in the shade that's a tough one. Not many flowering plants that I'm aware of can take full shade. If you have some sun, I've had luck with phlox, bee balm and echinacea in part-shade, but in my full shade areas I've mostly got green plants. I use impatiens and begonias, but they have to be planted each year.
Have a great rest of the weekend!!

no spring chicken said...

Just curious, if you're canning the tomatoes can't you just cut the end off and toss it saving the rest? Hopefully you can save most of the fruit...

I love love love that you love the Little House books. Isn't it fun to read the children's literature that you missed as a kid, as an adult? I recently read Trumpet of the Swan by E.B. White. I enjoyed it immensely.

Counting the months with you 'til that wee one arrives! :)

Blessings, Debbie

no spring chicken said...

Good morning Meg... morning sickness?

Thinking about the little mama and keeping you in my prayers.

Blessings, Debbie

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