July 15, 2011

Nearly Fiber-less Friday - Or How I'm Completely Boring

A late blooming surprise - Gladiolus, I think...

I realized that it's been an entire week since I've posted anything. I've had some wonderful people asking how I've been getting along and my sister was bugging me for a post because she's bored and needs something to read. Well here ya go baby sister... I'm here to save you!

This is the only fiber related thing I've been working on - the Market bag. That mesh part is only about 4 inches long and I'm going to run out of yarn. Oh well! I'll either get more and then finish with the green top, or just have a squat little bag with a green top.

I've been terribly boring, so I don't have much more than that to show you! I've been reading and sleeping mostly, in between feeding children and doing the normal chores. Exhaustion, exhaustion. It surrounds me. I haven't had morning sickness and I'm not sure I will. I didn't have it the last two times, but you never know.

I do have a prayer request ... For a safe, healthy, full term, boring, uneventful natural pregnancy and delivery. Everything went as it should last time, so I am praying it will be that way again. I've been through a bad and a good pregnancy so I'm ready for both, but of course I prefer the good. :)

Another sunflower has popped out, and again it's facing the fence. The two more that are soon to bloom are pointing that way too. I've learned that they like morning sun since that is the way they are leaning. *sigh* Oh well, at least I can see a little bit of yellow from their backs.

Another baby canteloupe
Has housework ever made you want to cry? I have a hard time mopping my kitchen floor on a regular basis because it seems like every time I do mop it, something gets spilled or tracked in as soon as I put the mop away and I get discouraged. Today I had just finished and not 5 minutes later my son dropped a mud encrusted car onto the floor, splattering mud for 2 feet all around it. I don't really mind cleaning up messes that much but boy do I wish they could wait at least an hour.

My children..... They are weird.

Happy Weekend,


Kessie said...

I hear you on all counts, Meg. When mine get the floor too dirty, I hand them a bucket and a mop and make them at least get the floor wet. They're very happy to do it. Then I take the mop and sop up all the water, and tada, clean floor!

As for the exhaustion, there's not much you can do about it. Just rest as much as you can. Netflix has a ton of Veggietales on instant, if you can hook that up to a TV somehow. Very nice for long, hot afternoons.

Rachel said...

Yay post!!! Thank you :D
I'm slightly less bored now!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

The market bag is great and will be so handy when finished. God keep you and the baby safe, all your children and family safe. Just go slow and take care of yourself.

Farm Girl said...

I am so sorry about the floor. Just call me and I will run over and mop for you. Maybe when that stuff happens just call me and I will run over and get them then you can take a nap. Or a bath or just right a post.
I know that exhaustion part is hard but it will pass. :)
I think you must need some iron.
I hope you go to the doctor soon.
I will be praying for you.

Lynn said...

Congratulations on the new baby! How exciting. May the Lord grant you rest and refreshment, a healthy pregnancy and a perfect little babe :)

Jennifer said...

I'll be praying for you!

no spring chicken said...

Yes, most children are... weird I mean. But I will say that that boy of yours may be especially weird! :)

I am praying for your boring, uneventful pregnancy and delivery. I agree, definitely the best kind.

Blessings, Debbie

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Floors are awful. There is no satisfaction in cleaning because you'd never know it. I am definitely praying for an uneventful pregnancy/delivery for you.

Magnolia Tea said...

Your pictures are fabulous!

Dawn said...

Well as I am finally catching up....Congrats you!
Yes...children are weird- but sweet.
Housework HAS and DOES make me cry.
And you are so incredible to be so exhausted but energetic enough to tackle new projects and post. I can hardly do it lately!!!

Allison said...

Sometimes I think I should put a box over my head. Do you think it would help ease the difficulties of life? Maybe kids know better than we do! :)

I will definitely pray for you Meg! I think of you all the time - and I haven't forgotten that nagging fear. We're all out here, waiting with you till the day you give birth! What a joyful day that will be in blogger land! Oh, you might have to get Ben instructed on how to post details on the arrival of your little garden bean. We will want to know!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

Love your market bag. I think all kids are weird in a good way. My kids use to drape socks over their heads and just walk around the house. Too cute!!

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