September 19, 2011

Brain Goblins

Serious business.

I looked in the mirror this morning and had to show you this because it made me laugh. My hair usually looks like this - not always in a bun, but with knitting needles sticking out of it.

Have you ever had a thought or idea in your head that won't leave you alone until you set it free? It runs around, mucking things up and being a general LOUD presence until you are able to let it out and be what it needs to be?

I've come to think of these thoughts and ideas - the ones that must be heard - as Brain Goblins. Since goblins tend to do the same (running a muck and making a mess of things), it seems fitting.

I've had such a goblin in my head for the last few weeks and Thursday afternoon I cast on to let it out.

I'm terribly excited about this idea if it works out. I wanted something with twisting and winding cables, and when I finished the Emilies in white the goblin really came into view. (It was the beauty of the cables in white yarn that did it.) Lots of charting and calculating and figuring and I think I'm finally getting there.

What is it? Well I guess you'll just have to come back to find out! :)

Jack came down with a cold yesterday, and I think I might feel it coming on as well. Not sure if it's that or allergies. But it would explain the crazy burst of energy yesterday evening that led to my scrubbing every appliance and counter in my kitchen. I just hope if it is a cold it holds out until I get chores done today. And maybe some kind of baked goodie made...

How was your weekend?


Allison said...

Did you say baked goodies? I just made a double batch of chocolate cupcakes (iced, of course) for little darling's birthday. Oh... yum!

Brain Goblins, indeed! They have invaded my head for years! Arg! I don't think I'll soon forget that one, Meg. I love it. But... all those cables? I have cast on and nearly finished cabled mitts for my husband twice, and each time they are too big! I have followed the pattern and used the same yarn as Stitch N Bitch used (and believe me, I am growing to think of her books as the latter. Ahem.). And now I have to start over yet AGAIN. :( The goblins will have to pipe down lest I wring their scrawny necks!

So happy to see you again, and your pretty hair. Won't you come to tea? xo

Farm Girl said...

Oh so very cool, that is just some amazing knitting. Oh, to bad about the cold. After the skunk deal, I must have sneezed 1000 times on Saturday, never have I felt so bad, then I woke up on Sunday with it almost gone.
I hope the cold doesn't go through the house and you stay well. Yep, as I was putting out pumpkins I thought it will be time for the boys and Momma to come get pumpkins to take home. :)
They are so much nicer than last year.
I hope you don't get sick, talk to you soon,

Kessie said...

Holy crap, Meg, that design is fantastic! It's like a Celtic braid or something! Is it going to be a scarf or a sock or something?

Rachel said...

Dang Megan.
That's seriously gorgeous.
I've always thought cables were somewhat pretty, but they never really grabbed my attention. This, however, is amazing.

Ewww sicky...
Well lemme know how you feel tmw. If you haven't contracted the plague I can still come over for that shoot if need be.

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

What is it with all these colds. I'm clear across the country and there are a ton of kids with miserable colds already.(School) It just seems a little to early to be getting sick. As for your knitting. Well you know what I think, AMAZING!!!!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Funny post, beautiful knitting and I baked chocolate chocolate brownies. We had company this weekend and I'm bushed, totally exhausted and Oh So Glad they left today.

Dawn said...

Ahhh the brain Goblins. I was trying to find a word for those things....good one!
Can't wait to see...looks fancy.
(I like your hair like that!!!)

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Ooohhhh....I'm loving what this COULD be. Can't wait! I've been all sinus-y this week too. I think it's because good old mother nature can't quite figure out she's supposed to rid us of heat and humidity and bring in the crisp air of Fall. That's what I'm going with. Love the bun - I cut my hair off (not myself :)) and now I can't do a bun or ponytail that stays long. Bummer.

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