September 3, 2011


I was going to tell you how wonderfully productive I've been with my knitting.

Well, Pride goeth before a fall and all that.

Once upon a time I hand dyed some yarn with Kool-Aid, and started a shawl with it. I called the colorway Berries n' Cream. And the shawl I've named the Berry Camo Shawl, since that's what it was knitting up to look like.

I've been working on this plain shawl off and on for about two years now. It's usually stashed in my knitting bag and I use it as "conversation knitting" since it doesn't require any brain work.

Well yesterday I very proudly cast it off, and about an hour ago I put it in the soak bucket.

I pulled it out, squished out the water, and laid it on the blocking board to start the process of pinning it out. And then I gasped.

Can you see the problem? Here, let me help.


I wanted to cry. I still feel like crying. Literally years of work, shot to heck. (Ok, it would have taken me way less than two years, had I actually stuck to it.)

I have no idea how it happened. I don't know if the yarn broke from stretching, or if it got snagged on something, or what.

I don't think I'm going to try to fix it. I think it would distort the fabric to much. So now it's hanging up to dry and I'll *sigh* rip the whole thing out. I love the yarn, so I think I will splice it at the break and reknit the shawl.

Man. Here I was all proud that I had another thing done.

I did finish a Pointed Garter Scarf, though.

Hope your knitting is better than mine,


From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

I'm wondering if that is a moth hole. That happened to someone I know who hadn't picked up her knitting in awhile and she said it was a moth hole. What happens is that you might have had a teeny tiny bit of grease touch it by accident and the moth finds that miniscule area and goes to town. What a shame Meg, all your beautiful work.

Farm Girl said...

OH that is too bad!! There isn't anyway you could perhaps just weave it a bit to fix it? I still really like the color, maybe you could dye some more yarn?
I bet is was a lousy moth.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Oh Meg...ouch. double ouch. it's happened to me and when it was acrylic, I pulled it all together and jury rigged it. when it was wool...hand spun, hand dyed... I ripped it out and fixed it.
double ouch.
otoh, it's beautiful and the work of your hands is truly lovely.

no spring chicken said...

Maybe you already know this, but 'Liz' rolls all of her yarn into center pull balls. They are a breeze to work with because they just hang there (without rolling away) until you pull out more yarn... wonderful!!

Blessings, Debbie

mountain mama said...

boo that stinks!

Allison said...

What? A HOLE? No! No no no no no!

You poor thing!

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