September 27, 2011


When there's barely any flowers left - Potato bush, basil and flax leaf center piece! Pretty and tasty smelling!

What a glorious few days we have had! Sunday was deliciously cool and crisp all day long. It was such a wonderful day.

We started the smoker at 10:00am and smoked a tri-tip all day long, watched a movie while the kids took a nap and had a generally lazy day. It was so nice, and the weather made it just perfect. And the tri tip? Oh my goodness. It was so tender and delicious, teeth were an optional utensil! :)

Yesterday was almost as cool and breezy. I had all the windows opened all day. And today I am sitting outside as I write this. It's wonderful!

Aside from a few sniffles, we are all over our colds. I am so thankful it was really just a one day per person illness. Jack was the only one who ran a fever and Ben thinks he got it on Saturday, but we're not even sure because it was over so fast. Yay for healthy immune systems! Thank you all for the prayers and well wishes. :)

This morning I finally finished the next pair of ribbed mittens. As you can see, they are getting a  bath, soon to be followed by a blocking and then pictures. Look for the pattern sometime this week!

I think I'm going to cast on another simple shawl/wrap using the yarn I dyed a few years ago in the "Day Lily" colorway... I just have to work myself up to it. Do any of you who spin or dye your own yarn have a hard time using it? I do. I just want to sit and stare at it forever, but I know that's silly and things should be used.

Since Halloween is coming up, I think it's time for a few more zombies. I've also had more than one person tell me I need to make some for the craft so, which cracks me up. I can't believe everyone likes those silly little things so much.

The usual state of boys around here - bright eyed and dirty!
I am so ready for fall. I know, I've said that before. Hehe! Our neighbor was putting up Halloween decorations yesterday (she's very ambitious with the decorating) and I told her I was thinking about putting up our fall decorations too. I will try to hold out for October - Which is Saturday! Muahahaha!

Looky! Our grapevine is starting to grow and climb and send out vines. I hope this means we'll get at least a few grapes next year! We have been talking a lot about having a mostly edible landscape. It is so nice walking into the back yard to get ingredients like veggies or herbs. One of these years I would like to have enough grapes for both snacking and drying - then I wouldn't need to buy raisins!

Well, just thought I would check in. I've felt so boring lately with not much to talk about! Not a whole lot of interesting cooking, and I'm sure y'all are tired of the gloves by now. ;) Just cleaning and chasing small people.

Happy chilly Tuesday,


Farm Girl said...

It all looks so good, So glad everyone is on the mend. ON my FB Accuweather said we should have a dandy storm that might last a week starting the first of October. I have my toes and fingers crossed.
The jet stream has dropped down and we might get the rain from that hurricane and then moisture from a storm out in the ocean.
I am hoping for weather.
Anyway, I am pretty boring too.
Talk to you soon, I have to go vacuum, all of the animals are shedding.

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Hooray that you finally have Fall weather. PLEASE send some our way. :) Also happy to hear the sickies aren't lasting too long for you all. The grapevines are beautiful, aren't they? We are privileged to have some on our property that the previous owner planted. (In the short time it should have taken me to write this I have been interrupted 4 times by the darling husband - 2 times for shower head opinion is I don't care as long as it has many holes and works, 1 time to find a thumb tack for idea why, and 1 time to talk about the likelihood that a skunk has been hit somewhere on the road outside our home. Big going on's at Cobble Hill!!) Have a great rest of the week!!

Kessie said...

Wasn't it just a glorious weekend? We all must have contracted the same cold, because we were each sick about a day. Just sniffles today. Hey, when and where is your craft fair? I'd love to sneak by. :-)

Allison said...

How could I get bored at your house? I love reading through a day with you - how long do you soak the gloves? I'm always so worried whenever I block my things. Finishing up a pair of green fingerless mitts today for my littlest. They are beautiful merino wool with yellow hints. I'll post about them as soon as they're done! xo

no spring chicken said...

Mmmm... chasing small people with bright eyes and dirty faces... I miss that! Glad you are feeling better (and glad to see those mittens getting finished up!). :)

Blessings, Debbie

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