December 29, 2011

Finished Knit: Husband Beanie

Bad picture brought to you by sneaky/rushed photo taking right before he got home.

Yesterday was Ben's birthday! Along with his other present and a giant dinner (I'm still stuffed) of Meatloaf, mashed taters, gravy, green beans, bread and cake, I decided to make him a beanie.

While I was making others for Christmas orders, he had been saying things like "Do you think you could do such & such?" and "Would it possible to...?" I have been soaking in these questions and complaints about his current store bought beanie, filed them away, and then started this one last week.

It's very, very hard to get a birthday present done when the recipient is home for 3 days! I finished it at 5:30 last night... He got home at 6:30. ;) It was a very scary race against time. But it's done! And he seems to like it!

I doubled it over for the first 3 inches since one of his complaints was that his ears get cold. I did this by starting out with a provisional cast on, working in pattern for 3 inches, then doing a purl turning row and knitting another 3 inches (which happened to include the brown stripes). Once either side of the purl row were the same length I attached them together by knitting one stitch from the provisional edge and one stitch from the needle together all the way around. It's basically hemming the fabric, but while you're knitting as opposed to having to sew it down later. And by doing it that way it leaves the fabric stretchy.

Pattern: Just a basic beanie with stripes

Yarn: Knit Picks Stroll in "Black" and "Buckskin" - 61 grams / 282 yards total

Needles: US 2/2.75mm Harmony wood DPNs

Knitline: December 21st - December 28th

YTD Mileage: 5.88 miles

The shawl is blocked and just needs ends woven in and pictures taken. and then I have a plethora of other finished things to get posted and add to my mileage. We'll see how I did. Maybe close to 7 miles?

Happy Knitting,


Farm Girl said...

It looks like Ben, I bet he did like it very much. I am glad he had a nice birthday.

Kim said...

It looks like a good snow shoveling hat - nice and warm. I just finished that chemo cap I was knitting. Posting later

MarmePurl said...

Fab idea with the provisional CO/purl turn row thing. You are such great problem solver.

ArtyMarti said...

That should keep his ears warm, very manly!

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Beautiful! Er, I mean, Handsome! :) My husband loves these but his head and face are too big. He looks kind of funny. It never fails though, every winter he tries one or two on at a store when he sees them......nope, still looks silly. :)

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