December 16, 2011

Things I am Thankful For Today

  1. That it's cloudy and cold today! We don't get snow here, so cloudy is the closest we get to feeling "Christmasy".
  2. For little boys who are still short enough for me to pat their heads as they run by.
  3. For a husband who listens and pays attention to my work and says things like "Can you block it out to make it work?" when I'm panicking about having enough yarn.
  4. For our new roof and insulation. Our house has been so much warmer and it is wonderful.
  5. For my washing machine. I have happily lived without a dishwasher for nearly 6 years, but I think I would go crazy without a washing machine. Especially with three little boys.
  6. For my littlest man who has a train in his hand all day long. 
  7. For the wee one that is coming in March and wiggles constantly.
  8. For tea and hot chocolate.
  9. For the lovely people who visit this blog and comment. You have become a part of my family in my heart. 
  10. For the holiday that is coming and the excitement and joy I will see on my children's faces come Christmas morning.
Happy Friday! Have a wonderful weekend,


Farm Girl said...

Very sweet, they all make me feel like someone gave me a warm blanket.
Have a wonderful day,

MarmePurl said...

I love # 2....mine passed that mark so many years ago and I still miss it.

Kessie said...

Such a lovely list. Makes me want to count my blessings, too. :-)

Kim said...

I love your list, especially #2. Soon you will have a new one to pat.

Meagane said...

Such a sweet post. No. 3: yay for wonderful husbands! I love your blog, Meg.

Number 11: For Meg's cozy blog where everyone feels so welcome. xoxo

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

What a wonderful list. It's always good to remember what we are thankful for. I also have many blessings. I remember how exciting Christmas was for my kids when they were little. I miss that wonderment.

Dawn said...

Meg, I LOVE your list. It made me tear up a bit...especially the "pat on their heads" part.
Hugs to you. Hope it still feels "Christmasy":)

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