December 31, 2011

It's The Final Countdown!!

Ok, this picture's from the 4th - but it's still fireworks!
*crazy guitar music*

As the end of the year fast approaches (just a few hours left!), and I take a break from my furious shawl knitting extravaganza (half way through last main clue!) and I prep for starting orders in the next year (a baby blanket first! then socks! then valentine's ornaments!), let's round up the last of my knits from the year that I haven't documented.

This is just a collection of ones that don't have pictures, or are repeats of other designs, or I just plain don't want to do a separate post for each. Hopefully I can add my shawl to the mileage total by the end of the night, but for now we have:

Top Down Pi Hat with a Pinecone lace motif
Knit Picks Essential in "Carnation" - 15 grams / 69 yards

Secret Project that I can't tell you about for various reasons (curious? :D)
Knit Picks Palette in "White" - 80 grams / 370 yards

2 Long Santa Hats that I never did get pictures of
Dawn Sayelle in "Red" and Red Heart Soft Yarn in "White" - 224 grams / 475 yards total

A chunky ribbed cowl
Lion Brand Homespun in "Antique" - 185 grams / 202 yards

A plain black ribbed beanie
Knit Picks Stroll in "Black" - 38 grams / 171 yards

A long elf hat (same as the santa hats, but green) for my brother's Christmas present
Red Heart Soft yarn in "White" and "Dark Leaf" - 112 grams / 205 yards

And this beautiful, deliciously soft scarf for a customer that I almost can't let go of:

Knit Picks Swish in "Foliage Tonal" (that colorway I love so desperately) - 197 grams / 433 yards

That brings my YTD total to...


*more drumroll*

8.15 miles! Yay! I broke 8!

And now, back to the knit-a-thon!

Happy, Happy, Happy New Year everyone! Please be safe and responsible and may you all have a wonderful night!



Molly said...

Happy *early* New Year!

Kessie said...

Happy new year's eve! You're so busy!

Kim said...

I love how you keep track of the mileage. It cracks me up, yet I'm fascinated to watch the numbers change!
Happy New Year Meg!

Farm Girl said...

You too have a wonderful start to a great New Year. Any year a new baby is born already makes it a wonderful year.

Marti said...

Happy flying needles new year. May your mileage ever increase, and all your stitches stay put. Wishes for the best of the new year.

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