December 21, 2011

Wednesday Random

- Tomorrow is the first day of Winter and the weather is making a good effort at proving so. The roofs around us have been frosty every morning this week.

- I am knitting. Constantly. I have two shawls that I want to finish before the end of the year because I don't like having unfinished things carried over (just starts the year off wrong, you know?). One will probably be finished (the green one). One will probably not (the purple one). Since I have orders and a gift left to knit.

- My laundry is still not folded. Washed, but not folded.

- I still need to wrap Ben's gifts.

- The boys presents, however, are finished.

- We found a picture last night of me at 28 weeks with Duder. I am 29 weeks with this one and I am SO MUCH BIGGER.

I am a giant cow. Moo.

- A step on the scale shows I've already gained 20 pounds with this kid, and I still have three (weight gaining) months left to go.

- I'm a little depressed now.

- It could be the See's candy....

- At least by butt is still small.

- Today is the 21st. That means there are 3 days left until the Christmas is officially here.

- I might be a little panicky, even though I have no reason to be.

- Ben might have to work on Christmas Eve. At least a half day.

- I'm pretty pissed about this.

- I had a dream that Ben's co-workers liked my cinnamon rolls so much (he took a batch with him this morning) that they were buying me yarn as a thank you.

- I think this would be the best thank you ever, ever, ever.

- Knitters are the nicest people. I have received permission from three separate designers to sell the finished shawls that I have made from their patterns. I will be adding them into the shop when I can find time to take decent pictures. Probably after the first of the year. Stay tuned.

Merry Christmas!


MollyMakesDo said...

How do you find the time for all of these projects with your boys? I keep telling myself as soon as Henry actually learns to walk I'll have time again!

Meg said...

They play so wonderfully well together! They pretty much keep themselves entertained with legos, trains & cars, digging outside, etc. I'm so glad they all get along. And when that doesn't work, I make them clean. LOL! ;)

Farm Girl said...

Well I don't think you are huge I think you are completely without a doubt cute. I would have loved to have looked so cute...ever :)
It all looks good.
Well except the working part on Christmas Eve. That sort of bugs me too and I would like it if they bought you lots of yarn.
Your shawls are just beautiful.

MarmePurl said...

Merry Christmas Meg! Have a wonderful time. My Hub has always worked Christmas Eve, but there was always something very special about the anticipation of him getting home. The day after all, is all about waiting.
The shawls a beautiful! Your knitting is truly inspirational.

Kessie said...

Aww, you're not huge! Of course, when you're pregnant, people tell you that and you don't believe them. You've just got more room for the little guy in there is all. I'll bet knitting all those shawls keeps you warm!

Kim said...

You are not huge, you have a cute little belly bump. Your shawls are looking great. You are definitely in the nesting phase with all the knitting.

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Huge???? I agree with Kim - an adorable baby bump. Bummer about Ben possibly working on Christmas Eve - I'll hope he doesn't have to. :) The knitting is just so always.

Anita said...

Your knitting projects are beautiful. My 11 year old daughter has learned some simple crocheting stitches. (Are they called stitches? lol ) Anyway, I'd love for her to take a class. Maybe I'll search around.

And yes, you can be thankful that your butt is still small. I wasn't so lucky each time I was pregnant. :)

Allison said...

Knitters ARE the nicest people! :))

I have three girls and a boy, and got really huge just one time... with the boy! Gained around 30 pounds that time around. SO depressing; but there is hope, my friend. I lost it ALL and am thinner now than I was before I had him! Courage! And eat that Sees!!

Conservative Knit Mom said...

YOU are not huge- your baby belly is beautiful! Yes, be thankful your butt is still small- it would have starting growing by now so I think you are safe in that department. The knitting is fantastic!

Sue said...

You are not huge, Meg, no weight at all except a beautiful baby bump. I gained weight all over. I am amazed at how you have no weight gain to show. Lucky you! I love the color of your shawls, beautiful simply beautiful.

Wishing you and your dear family a most blessed and joyous Christmas.

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