December 22, 2011

The Weeks Ahead

This morning was spent balling yarn for orders (oh that orange yarn feels heavenly), reorganizing the 2011 business binder and prepping the one for 2012 and getting ready for year end stuffs (like inventory!).

I always get a sort of glee when I do office work. It's the super-nerd in me. Spreadsheets get me high.

This afternoon has been spent working on the green shawl, a last minute (secret) gift, and reading.

Tomorrow will be spent wrapping presents and prepping for Christmas!

Oh I'm so excited for this weekend!

I noticed on my calendar that Saturday night is a New Moon. That means that the night will be completely pitch black (aside from ambient lighting). In my heart I feel it is a wonderful reminder to go out and view the stars in all their shining glory - Look for the brightest one, and remember what the meaning of this coming Sunday really is while you gather with the people who are so dear to you.

Merry Christmas!


Farm Girl said...

Yahoo!! It will be fun! I can't wait.
You crack me up when you do bookwork.
You and spreadsheets. :)
Well have fun my girl.

Kim said...

Spreadsheets?? Seriously? Or have you been dipping into the eggnog while the kiddies nap? Lol.
I hate spreadsheets - I wish you worked for me, I'd keep you busy.

ArtyMarti said...

Ah, the business woman in me adores spreadsheets. They are so precise, not at all like my life, which has a lot of randomness. Have a Merry Christmas.

dsacjwolf said...

I agree, spread sheets are so fun. Good insight Arty, it also probably has a lot to do with my OCD tendency. :)
or as we say in our family CDO, in alphabetical order as it should be. lol

MarmePurl said...

Happy Star gazing!

thistlewoodfarm said...

I just stopped by to tell you how pretty your blog is and how wonderful I think your knitted projects on ETSY are. I am just learning how to knit, so I am in awe!

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