April 2, 2013

Blooms, Buds, and Doves

Apple Blossoms

Cherry Blossom

Grape Buds

Boysenberry Blossoms

Tomato blossoms

Funny - I didn't notice the other little unopened buds on the tomato until I looked at this picture. 

Things are blooming! The blueberries are completely done with blooms, and the little fruits are forming and becoming round. Hopefully I will be making jam and muffins and freezing blueberries here in a few weeks. Or just eating them all off the bush.

I was able to see yesterday that Mrs. Dove has two little eggs in her nest. I am hoping we get to see the little ones hatch and grow. I am wondering if I can set up some kind of Dove cam... I will have to figure it out. She's up just high enough that I can't see without climbing on something. I can zoom in pretty well with our video camera.

I should be cleaning, but I am dreaming of land...

How is your Tuesday?


Kessie said...

Your pictures are so green! I love it!

Farm Girl said...

So pretty, such nice photographs. Next time you are dreaming, come on over and I will share my hula-hoe. :)

Angi Schneider said...

I love the blooms! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a sweet comment. I really appreciate it.

And what a great birthday you gave your boys! They will never forget it. You're a good mama.

MarmePurl said...

Such pretty photos. I especially love the new header.
Keep dreaming and learning with your little homestead. You'll be ready for big homestead.

no spring chicken said...

O.K. Meg. It was nice of you to be excited about my little mention of planting... but you didn't see any pictures of colorful blossoms on my blog did you? Nor did you hear mention of jam making in just a few weeks. Oh whoa is me. Just when I was beginning to feel good about the season here... :)

I loved peeking in at your Easter festivities. The boys are beautiful and made me smile. Glad you are seeing more of Ben. God is great!

Blessings, Debbie

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Beautiful photos that make me drool and jealous of. :) Dreaming of land is one of my specialties!

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