April 1, 2013

Easter Weekend

I hope y'all like pictures of my kids... ;)

Mrs. Dove has taken up residence in one of our hanging flower baskets. She lets me get fairly close because she is sitting on eggs, but her eyes get very, very big.

We had a wonderful, lovely Easter weekend. How was yours?

My long weekend started Thursday when I got all my seedlings transplanted into the garden. Then on Friday I got all my seeds except the corn and green beans planted. I need to rework and add compost to the bed the corn will go into, and I need to set up the green bean trellis and dig the ground.

On Tuesday we found out that Ben would be getting Saturday off, so we got our Farmer's market and grocery shopping done quickly Saturday morning, then we came back and Ben put a corned beef into the smoker to make pastrami. Then we spent the rest of the day being lazy and hanging out. It was so nice, and dinner was delicious. Did I tell you he is back down to 10 hour work days? He was able to talk them into letting him go down, since he keeps up with his work and is not as busy as everyone else. It's been so nice having him back and alive because he is actually getting sleep now.

In the morning the kids got up and found the baskets that the "Easter Bunny" had left them at their spots at the table. They were really excited. They had a few pieces of candy and some plastic eggs filled with a few pennies. Munchie got his own basket with some graham crackers and eggs filled with raisins. He enjoyed that.

We had a very tasty breakfast of pastrami hash and scrambled eggs, then Ben hid eggs and the kids got to hunt. The boys are old pros now, but Munchie had a good time finding his two eggs, and then spending the rest of the time trying to devour them. Then they convinced daddy to hide them again.

We spent the afternoon/evening with Ben's family having dinner, communion, and egg hunts. It was a very nice weekend, and we even got some rain in the afternoon which was so nice. We're supposed to have a fairly warm and cloudy week, so we will see how all the plants do.

How was your Easter weekend? Did you do anything special?

Happy Monday!


Farm Girl said...

You took such nice pictures and your yard looks so pretty. Mrs. Dove looks so at home in your hanging basket. I am so glad you got to spend two days with Ben, I didn't know he was off on Saturday.
I hope you have a really nice week. I hope you aren't as tired as me. :)

Kim said...

The kiddies look so adorable hunting for eggs. Munchie sure is growing. Glad you had a nice Easter. I've been reading your blog but am having trouble commenting lately. I'm crossing my fingers this time.

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