April 4, 2013

Links For You

I've been finding a few nice things over the past week and I thought I would share.

Tonya at Plain and Joyful Living is participating in a series called "Get Real", where her and a few other ladies are sharing how life really works for them in different areas like dinner time, gardening and homesteading, etc. They started last Tuesday with dinner time, and will continue for the next few Tuesdays. It's been really nice to read from other women how their lives aren't as perfect as we think, and that I'm totally not alone in the craziness. I've found some other great blogs through it.

One of the other women is Aubrey at This Blessed Life at Rootsong Farm. I had to share her Get Real on homesteading, because it was so inspiring to me. It was so wonderful to read about their journey, and to be reminded that it really can happen, it just takes some patience and trusting. I have been going back and reading it and looking at her pictures. (I've also been looking at real estate in Idaho... *cough*) Some days I get so frustrated being stuck here in between our neighbors (sweet as they are) and their noise and their cigarette smoke, dreaming and aching for land. It really does honestly hurt some days, I yearn for it so badly. But I know we will get there eventually, and homesteading is not just about place, but about one's heart and attitude.

After reading and hearing about soil blocking, and noticing that all of the information was very positive, I decided to order myself one of these. I'm curious to see how they work. I am excited about it for the money saving alone. I wouldn't have to buy little peat pots anymore! (Yeah, they're cheap, but they add up.)

I've found a great site/blog that offers free Photoshop actions.  It fuels my laziness in actually learning how to doctor photos myself. ;) (I used "Golden Afternoon" and "Boost It" on the picture above.)

While looking up inspiration to design my own canning jar labels, I found these heat shrink ones, which I thought were totally cool.

That's all for now!

Friday's almost here!


Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

I've been thinking about a soil blocker - I hope you'll share your experience with us. Did you see on my blog that if you had participated in the giveaway you would have won? That would have been two!! :) I typically win nothing so I thought that was amazing.
Can't wait to check out the links - I've never visited these sites before.
Happy Thursday!

no spring chicken said...

Just keep remembering to be content where you are as you plan for the future. I've done a bit of aching in my time too and I can say that I wasted some precious energy. You are so on the right track, just keep plugging away and thanking the Lord each day for everything that you have. Let Him open the doors... I think I remember you posting before that you were thankful to be learning with your little piece of property. I remember thinking how wise that was. God knows your heart and how you and Ben have been responsible with the little that you have. He will add the increase!

Blessings, Debbie

Woman Seeking Center said...

Hi Meg!

Don't be toooo hard on yourself for your feelings of restlessness and longing for the future homestead and land. I think those feelings are (or at least they were for me) the embers that keep the dream, the drive, the direction alive....

Combined with your determination to use your time and efforts where you are NOW to learn, explore, experiment you've created a balance of heart/soul/mind for both your present AND furture :-)

Now I'm off to read more of your posts!


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