April 13, 2013


Today I just wanted to say how thankful I am for all of you sweet, wonderful ladies who have been through it all before and are such an encouragement to me. For understanding about kids, and housework, and life and telling me to keep going and not give up. You've been leaving such sweet comments and they make it so much easier and make me smile. I feel like I've been blessed with a bunch of extra moms and some really great friends and wonderful mentors.

I never thought I would get this kind of support and love out of blogging. I've thought many times about stopping, because I think I'm silly for just talking about myself. But then I would lose my connection with all of you and I would hate for that to happen. I'm so thankful for everyone of you who visit and talk with me all the time. :)

And now the boys want a tent, so I guess I'm done being sappy, lol.

Happy Saturday!

~ Meg


Farm Girl said...

Well that is life, tents are always most important. I know I have had the same thoughts but being a stay at home Mom having a community of supporters is always important. I am glad you have so many friends in blog land who hold up your arms.
It is a lovely post.

MarmePurl said...

Farm girl is right. Tents are always more important.
So just Blog when you can. Your words are always a joy to read. And those photos....!!

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Such a sweet post and hilarious ending.....back to the real world. :) I am so thankful our paths crossed - you are such a talented and kind woman and you have a wonderful family that I so enjoy keeping up with. Happy Sunday!

myletterstoemily said...

it's because you are so perfectly adorable
and a tad bit ornery that we flock over here!

i can remember when my living room had
eternal tents and giant boxes. my kids
called them forts, but i called them sanity.

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

I use to make tents with sheets over the dining room chairs for my kids. We also use to line the stairs with all their books and play library. I miss those days. I blinked and everyone was grown:(

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