April 21, 2010

Good Intentions

Today is Wednesday, April 21st. Which means that the GK Anniversary Mystery Shawl 10 starts in 3 days. And though I had very noble intentions of finishing the GKAMS 9 before then.... Well. I won't. I'm only half way through chart 4/5 and I'm making horribly slow progress. I took on a client in the last week, as well as general life, so I've been pretty busy. Not as much knitting.

All that being said though, I'm horribly, horribly excited about Saturday and getting the clues for this new shawl. I can't wait to cast on. I've realized that I deeply love this yarn color "Snorkel" (thanks for choosing it, Mom and K!) and I really want to work with it. I was even excited about doing a swatch! (Which you can see above.)

I used the gift card my sis got me to the yarn shop to pick up some size 3 Addi circulars. (I love Addi's. They knit so smoothly and quietly. I just wish the yarn shop carried the Addi Lace, so I could get a sharper tip, but they don't. I digress.) I prefer doing this yarn on 2's, like my current shawl, but I realized that it would make it too small. I think my current one might even wind up on the small side, but with enough blocking it should be alright. The pattern calls for 4s or 5s, but that's just too loose for me. I feel like you can't really see the lace pattern, as the stitches are all too open and airy. So I dropped down a size and I think I can deal with it. The pattern designer did mention that there is a chart you can repeat to determine what size you want, so either way I can adjust to account for the smaller needles.

So come Saturday watch for news of casting on!

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Farm Girl said...

I love that color too. I missed you yesterday. Then to see that duder walked, I fell like I missed out on something. I am glad though that he walked to his daddy. I hope everyone is on the recovery. I hope you have a really nice rest of the week.

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