April 20, 2010

Menu Plan Mon - er... Tuesday

Whoopsie, I forgot to post yesterday. Was busy working. So here's this week's menu plan.

Monday: Veggies & Rice (Did our BBQ veggies in the oven. Not as good, but still tasty)
Tuesday: Orange Chicken, fried rice and broccoli (I'm trying a new idea for my Orange Chicken that Ben came up with. Will share later.)
Wednesday: Fumi Chicken Salad
Thursday: Dirty Rice
Friday: Spaghetti
Saturday & Sunday: TBD and leftovers


NetRaptor said...

The gal over at A Year of Slow Cooking has a really interesting, different orange chicken recipe. I'm going to try it as soon as I can acquire the ingredients. :-)

Farm Girl said...

I am going to want to try your orange chicken recipe if it turns out.

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