April 22, 2010

How Planning Ahead Totally Pays Off (Literally)

BAM! See that? OURS! We paid off Ben's truck and now it's OURS! No one can take it from us! (Well, you know, unless it's stolen...) Because we had a plan for our tax return before we got it, we were able to pay of Ben's truck at the beginning of the month and just got the title the other day. We payed it off 7 months early (which really isn't that early, but hey. It's still cool.) This sounds horribly egotistical, but I'm really proud of ourselves. :D Now on to the next one!!


Farm Girl said...

That is so cool, Megan, I am so proud of you and Ben and sticking to your plan.

William said...

7 months IS early. REAL early. Now you get to enjoy a few hundred more dollars each month!

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