April 26, 2010

Plants Vs. Random Monday

Jalapenos - Kitchen Window. Not growing too terribly fast, but it's been so cold.

1 - It's Monday! And today, I feel like being random - With plants!
 Potato Bush - Front planter. I think this is probably my favorite plant on the whole property. The deep purple is just gorgeous.

2 - We BBQ'd for my mum's birthday yesterday, so my house is scrubbed. That means all I have to do today is laundry! Sounds like a Fiber Monday to me! 
Tomatoes - Kitchen window. Same as Jalapenos.

3. Menu Plan for this week - 
  • Monday: Lentils & Rice
  • Tuesday: Pizza/Calzone (I have sauce leftover from spaghetti that needs to be used)
  • Wednesday: Crock Pot Chicken
  • Thursday: Loaded Baked Potatoes with leftover chicken
  • Friday: "Taco Salad" (originally called Wetback's Delight, which is horribly politically incorrect... But slightly funny none the less.)
  • Saturday & Sunday: Brats on one day if I can find them at a good price. Otherwise, TBD!
 Random Purple Flower - Found in the backyard grass. Teeny tiny weed flower.

4: We got a refund from Arrowhead from canceling our account. Adding it back into the grocery budget now brings our total monthly grocery spending to 320.39 with a budget of 350. With one week left in the month that means we're doing EXCELLENTLY well and I can get milk and eggs for the next week come Thursday. WOOHOO!
Can't Remember The Name  - Backyard planters. We got these from Grandma & Grandpa's house when we went down there. We call them the stick plants. They were in a lone pot on the back porch. Ben says they're from Hawaii.

5. It is wonderfully bright and sunny this morning. I'm ignoring the fact that it is supposed to be cold and rainy this week.
Azalea - Front planter. These aren't really my favorite. I'm not sure why. But I loved the way the dew looked on the flower. And the pink is a nice color. They turn a deeper red as they get older.

6. We forgot to close the window in the kitchen last night, so the whole house smells fresh and clean. I love it.
One of our bulbs - Backyard planter. I have no idea what it is, and I don't feel like digging the package out of the garage. I'll let you know when it blooms.

7. In case this is first time you seen, I changed my background. I wanted something bright and cheery and I didn't feel like making one myself. Do you like it?

8. Iced tea is awesome!

9. I'm hungry!

10. Happy Monday! :D


Farm Girl said...

I like your post!! I meant to tell you that I liked your background in your last post but I forgot. Your menu sounds great too. Have a nice day!

NetRaptor said...

I like your new background, too!

I think the unidentified plant at the end of your post is a day lily. Or an Easter lily. Some kind of lily, anyway. Mom has them coming up all over her flowerbed. :-)

Meg said...

I believe it is too, since I think the lilies are the only ones that are one to a pot. Everything else we planted in twos. It's my favorite because the sprout looks so hilariously prehistoric.

I'm so glad you guys like the background! White was getting boring. ;)

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