April 28, 2010

I Struggle With Being Monogamous

ETA: Apparently, I gave my mom-in-law a heart attack when she saw that title. Sorry Mom. ;P
At least when it comes to knitting. (Scared you, didn't I? Ye of little faith.) It all started with the new mystery shawl...

I was doing so well. I had one project, the 09 shawl. That was the only project I had been working on, and was making decent progress. Then I started the new shawl, which only took about an hour to finish the first clue. And then I decided to start a super secret project that I can't talk about, but I can tell you I started it.

And then I was thinking "Hmm, I got that new yarn mom got me that I want to make a sweater with. I wonder if I could finish a sweater by the time we leave for our anniversary trip..."
So within a period of a week, I now have four projects on the needles. I have an illness.

Do they have counseling for knitting polygamists?

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